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Oh my gosh this cake is amazing. I came across it during a search for an old fashioned chocolate cake for my son...I made it for a neighbor's party & it was a HUGE hit. Especially for all the Chocolate Lover's. I was then asked by one of the party goer's to make it for her birthday.

I did use a bigger pan (11x15) the second time. It worked much better. You just need a pan bigger than a 13x9. With the 13x9 there isn't enough room for all the topping. I used a Double Fudge cake mix both times & it was DELICIOUS. Very rich. I put the sweetened condensed milk on when the cake was just a tad bit warm. It runs right into the holes & down the sides. The fudge too!! YUMMY.

I have sense made this cake a third time. But this time I made it for a summer dessert. I used a butter cake mix with the sweetened condensed milk & then sliced fresh strawberries. Again, it was a HIT at the party. It was so refreshing but yet rich & yummy. I was asked if it was Tres Leche. Similarly but no. I didn't use any fruit topping. I just had cake, milk, strawberries, whipped topping & then strawberries to garnish the top. I think any berries would be good.

ENJOY....Definitely one of my favorite cakes.

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tlbrod August 03, 2010

This recipe is very very moist, I made it for a work potluck and everyone who could eat chocolate (we have a few people with chocophobia) ate this and raved about it. just a couple hints tips changes. First, I used a dark chocolate cake, and i used Dark chocolate fudge from smuckers it's new) I used 3 heath bars, and i added some fudge sauce to the top along with the caramel. (i drizzled both and it made the cake look amazing.) using the back of a wooden spoon to make holes is a great idea. The fudge and the condensed milk have a really hard time soaking into the cake if you do not do this. (i drizzled the liquids directly into the holes i made) I used a 11 by 9 inch pan and had plenty of room for the toppings. thanks for sharing.

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Xexe August 23, 2009

Let me say that this cake is really good! I will change a couple of things next time however. I will bake it either in a bigger pan (11X15) or in two 8X8 pans because it is too thick in the 9X13. Plus if I make two cakes then I can wait to put the cool whip on the second one until ready to eat so it doesn't get soggy with the candy pieces (Butterfinger would be yummy). Also, I will pour the fudge and milk over while the cake is still hot. Overall however this is a great cake my 13yr old son made for me for Mother's Day and we really enjoyed it! Thanks!

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MommaMac May 11, 2009

Forget about the 5 stars... this deserves so many more! I made this for a birhday bash and baked it in two 9 inch cake pans to make a double layer cake. It was a bit tricky, as you'll have to transfer your first cake to the cake plate then poke the holes through and add the sweetened milk and topping. Then top with Cool Whip and add your second cake over that. I poked the holes before transfering the second cake, but I made quite a few so the top ended up cracking a bit. I used Devil's Food cake mix, Dove dark chocolate topping, and extra-creamy Cool Whip to frost the entire cake. Then I placed lots of white and semi-sweet chocolate morsels on the top. This was the richest, moistest, and chocolatiest cake I've ever had, not to mention lovely... and everyone fell in love with it!!! I can't imagine ever eating plain chocolate cake again after this heavenly dessert. If you're not fond of Cool Whip, I'm sure you could use fresh whipping cream sweetened with a bit of confectioners sugar instead, but don't miss out on this! I was thinking about trying it with yellow cake mix, butterscotch topping, and crushed Butterfingers on top, too. This was just the ultimate sweet treat for chocolate lovers and it's easy to see why the kid won first prize. Pure decadence!

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Christmas Carol April 18, 2005

I've made this lots of times, and every time at least one person has asked for the recipe. I always use German chocolate cake mix, and I also include a jar of carmel topping in additional to the sweetened condensed milk and fudge topping.

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ShaGun March 09, 2005

I have made this exact same recipe (same name, even!) for years except for a few differences: I use a German chocolate cake mix; I use an 11x15 pan; and I refrigerate it (preferably overnight) til well-chilled and the milk and chocolate sauce have had a chance to sink in and permeate the cake, making it even more dense and rich. The bigger pan seems to make a difference, as all of my friends that have ever tried it prefer it in my larger pan. I think it's the less cake to frosting ratio that seems to make the difference. Whatever it is, it DOES make a difference. I don't ever, ever, ever make this cake unless I'm taking it to a church function or we're having enough company that I don't have to worry about leftovers. Because these leftovers talk. They call out to you, enticing you, begging you to open the fridge, and... Ahem, I digress. This isn't a five star recipe...it's a fifty star recipe!!!

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UnknownChef86 February 26, 2005

WOWEEEEEEE! I made this for Easter dinner. As a diabetic, I had just a tiny sliver, as I avoid sweets as much as possible. Everyone else RAVED about this luscious dessert - and so easy too!!!! FABULOUS! Will make this again! Even took some (leftovers) to several neighbors - who all claimed it was the BEST cake they EVER had! Great job! Thanks for posting! Super moist!!

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WJKing February 17, 2015

yay it look good am going to bake this

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alice8 May 08, 2010

oh my...oh my my my my....i dont have the words to describe how wonderfully delicious this cake is. i made this just because i saw your recipe and reviews and it got stuck on my brain. i didn't even have a chance to put it in the fridge before my husband took HALF from a 9X13 tray to work. the other half i've been guiltily eying and snacking on. i didn't have a can of sweetended condensed milk so i used a combination of half&half and heavy cream sweetened with sugar and that worked just fine.i will grab a few cans b/c this recipe is definitely going to repeated. i also used German chocolate cake mix, i don't really know what makes German chocolate cake mix different than any other chocolate cake mix but it was great! next time i go to the store though, i must say that the whip cream topping goes really well with the moistness and richness of the cake itself. like another reviewer below said, the leftovers talk so be prepared to share this cake to stay healthy. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, it's absolutely decadent!

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dumbell579 December 12, 2009

I love this cake!! As Unknown Chef 86 said, I would not have this cake in the house unless it was meant for a special occasion. I wouldn't be able to stay away from it. I also used a 11x15 pan and it was just right - I can't see how a smaller pan would be large enough. The only thing I did different was to add grated chocolate on top of cake itself - just before adding the Cool Whip, trying to obtain even more of a chocolate flavour. I also grated the chocolate on top, as the recipe called for. Thank you Foxysnana for a wonderful recipe and it's now our official birthday cake or whatever other excuse I can find to make it.

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Potluck Genie... February 21, 2009
Chocolate Thunder Cake