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I made this twice as one of our Zaar Tag participants had tagged it and it turned out bitter. Upon comparing the recipe to one of my own, I suspected the ingredient 'corn syrup' was a different ingredient where Mae lived than here in the USA. Mae kindly provided a list of the ingredients on her corn syrup and I found that list comparable to 'industrial' corn syrups in the USA rather than consumer (home cooking) ingredient lists. Since my dad use to haul corn syrup to factories, he had given me a supply of 'industrial' corn syrup, which is extremely sweet compared to Karo corn syrup. As with the original tagger, using Karo, the syrup turned out very bitter, definitely not sweet, but I was able to modify it to turn it into fudge. When I used the 'industrial' version of corn syrup, it turned out so well we were eating it with a spoon! :-) The main difference between the two is that industrial corn syrup is almost entirely 'fructose', so anyone in the USA making this recipe will want to look for a liquid fructose (rather than powder) to use in this rather than Karo or its alternative brands. Mae, thank you for this learning experience and for finally giving me something I can use this 'corn syrup' in without it turning out overpoweringly sweet...before this, I had not been able to come up with good ratios for this intensely sweet product.

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Cindy Lynn September 29, 2003

This was okay. It was very thick and not terribly sweet and had a powdery feel in the mouth. The cocoa taste is very prominent, rather than chocolate. Perhaps more suitable for chocolate milk than a sundae topping.

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Raspberry Cordial April 16, 2007

Very thick! Could be sweeter, though. I added 1/4 cup of white sugar. The kids are still fighting over who gets to lick the pan!

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a.woods November 29, 2006
Chocolate Syrup