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As hard as I TRIED to mess this one up it still came out yummy! I already had the cake in the pan with the chocolate on top (not swirled in yet thank goodness) when I realized I hadn't added the egg. I scooped off as much of the chocolate as I could and stirred in the egg. My cake came out light chocolate with dark chocolate swirls but that was ok too. Then when I made the topping I didn't have any coconut. If it's this good with all my goof ups it must be killer good when it's made right!

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Alisa Lea July 23, 2006

Very yummy, had to share with the neighbors or I would have eaten it ALL! I used heart healthy Bisquick, but I'd rather use regular next time I like thicker cake and use good quality choc chips, (semi-sweet)makes all the difference.

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MelNTex July 15, 2006
Chocolate Swirl Breakfast Cake