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I'm so sorry I don't like giving bad review but I wasn't very impresed with this recipe. I was looking for a treat to take with us on a camping trip to celabtate my sons 10th birhday. I saw this recipe and after reading the good reviews thought I'll give it a try. To strt with I'dlike to say that the icing came out beautifully I had to add some exta milk, and it came nice and smooth like choc spread. I would prefer if it was to the cake on the ingredients though. The cup cakes where disapointing to what I was hoping. They came out flat or even worst, in a dip, and dry in texture.

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Chef 1278268 fitness November 04, 2009

*Reviewed as Recipe of the Week in the Kid Friendly Cooking Forum* Easy to make and great clear instructions. A moist fudgey cupcake with a rich sweet chocolate icing. When I made the cake mixture it was quite thick and didn't seem to be enough for 18 cakes. It did make 18 traditional small cupcakes/pattycakes - perfectly. A good kid sized cake. I made these for my little friend next door for her 5th Birthday party. Photo also being posted. Updated to add- I've now made these gluten-free and they tasted great.Used a gluten-free flour blend and added one teaspoon of xanthan gum. I used gf baking powder to make the flour self-raising, dutch cocoa powder and pure icing sugar for the icing. The gluten-free version looked much like the regular wheat flour cakes that I made.

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**Jubes** August 02, 2008

The kids loved making these for their pack ups> They each chose their favourite sweets to put on top. All I had to do was the washing up!!! Maybe could have managed with regular icing instead of being made with golden syrup (very sweet, but the kids looooved them).

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Lil' Chef Beth June 08, 2007
Chocolate Sweetie Cupcakes