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Prep 5 mins
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This is another one of my mother's recipes. She got this one from a neighbour while she was still living in Israel. Since this is decadent and is not really for diabetics, we use this only on special occasions. Some of the measurements, though, are in grams, because that was the kind my mother used while she was growing up in Israel. I tried to get her to convert the measurements so what you see below is mainly a guess estimate, really.

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  1. Cut margarine into small pieces and put in blender.
  2. Add the eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, and eggs, and blend well.
  3. Then add the cocoa powder and blend well again.
  4. Put in a container and refrigerate.
  5. I'm not exactly sure how long it lasts, but it doesn't really last long in my house. it does, however it does refrigerate very well.
Most Helpful

Raw eggs? Sounds a bit scary.

Vegan guy April 10, 2010

Am I overlooking a step? Does eating this spread mean eating raw eggs? Have you missed the Nestle's cookie dough recall scare?

wallywoobird June 20, 2009

I use this recipe ALL the time. I adapt it with less sugar, more cocoa (and sometimes a pinch of chilli) for the grown ups. If you use soft brown sugar you also get a more "fudgy" chocolate spread. So versatile! Many, many thanks for this one. It's a keeper!!

paula.thorn November 07, 2008