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This is a traditional Swiss cooky and traditionally baked a few weeks before Christmas. Together with other cookies it belongs to our Christmas cookies. Although I'm not a particular fan of it (I prefer Spitzbuben), a lot of Swiss love it. You can also buy Basler Brunsli in shops, but only around Christmas.

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tigerduck September 19, 2005

These were every bit as delicious as the ingredients and Bunny Mom’s photograph suggested they would be. I even went out and bought myself a heart-shaped cookie cutter before making these! I’m NOT an experienced cookie-maker, so I owned NO cookie cutters. Such were the powers of persuasion of that enticing photograph that I wasn’t even daunted by Bunny Mom’s suggestion that the dough was tricky to roll out. It was, but as a novice cookie-maker, I probably would have found any dough tricky! I found Saturn’s instructions fantastically clear to follow, and I followed them almost exactly. I cut down on the amount of ground cloves (personal taste preference). I was just SO pleased with the attractive and flavoursome end result. Really yummy! Thank you Saturn for a great recipe!

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bluemoon downunder September 19, 2005

I LOVE that these cookies have 0 cholesterol! And I adore the chocolate-spice taste too. They are a little touchy to roll out, but worth the effort.

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Ms*Bindy September 16, 2005
Chocolate-Spice Cookies (Basler Brunsli)