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Unable to rate this recipe as it appears to be missing some vital liquid ingredient. Recipe calls for pouring mix into greased muffin cups. As the recipe now stands, pouring is an impossibility as the final mix is heavier than even a drop cookie dough and difficult to even remove from the mixing bowl. End results were a heavy, tasteless glob of dough. Believe the recipe should be edited for completeness. Sincerely but sorry, repmuj

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repmuj February 23, 2004

ok I tweaked the recipe straight out the chute...the yolk mixture needed more liquid so I added a litlle bit more water and about a tablespoon of soy creamer. I used 3 eggwhites and 2 yolks. I also added more splenda to the mix but it still needs more. next time I tweak the recipe more I will post them. They are definitely worth another try just need some adjustments like maybe less soy flour.

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tattdbunny October 13, 2008
Chocolate Soy Low-Carb Muffins