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In answer to Barbara K's question I think she is not reading the recipe correctly. In step 8 it says to disolve the instant coffee in a 2 cup glass mesure (such as Pyrex liquid measure jug). Now Barbara notice that the recipe calls for only 1/2 cup boiling water. Step 9 is telling you to add cold water to the same glass measure to bring the mark up to the 1½ cup mark. Simple? The reason for doing this is that step 11 tells you to cool the mixture. It will cool much faster by adding cold water, than it would if you used 1½ cups of boiling water to start with; and you need at least some boiling water to disolve the coffee. The reason for cooling the mixture is so your eggs don't scramble when added. Hope this makes perfect sense to you now. BTW thanks for the nice review :)

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1Steve December 30, 2002

This cake was so good. I buttered and coated the pan with cocoa powder instead of bread crumbs. I made a drizzle out of milk, butter, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and espresso powder after it cooled. So good!

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eagibz December 01, 2012

This cake is easy to make, dense, rich and not to "rummy." I topped it with melted chocolate. Next time I think I may grind up some coffee beans to add extra coffee flavor/texture.

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Lt. Amy December 29, 2006

This was a fantastic cake, and very easy to make. I brought it to Christmas dinner, and everybody raved about it! Just a couple things that I did differently - first, I lined the Bundt pan with cocoa instead of bread crumbs; that way, I didn't have any light coating on the cake. Second, I found that I had to bake it a bit more than 30 minutes (it was actually about 40-45) so make sure you check with a bamboo skewer or thermometer to ensure doneness. Finally, instead of coffee whipped cream, I mixed part of the final application of rum with some Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup, a splash of coffee, and powdered sugar (enough to make a glaze; sorry, I didn't measure) and spread that over the cake after painting it with rum. Thanks for a great recipe, Steve - if I don't make this again, I'll be in big trouble with my family!

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ChrisMc December 26, 2002

This was very good. As well as easy. I got confused at the bottom of the receipe because it calls for 1/3 cup dark rum-no problem; but then the recipe calls for cold water. Why? How much? The cake was delicious, but the steps and ingredients could maybe have been listed in a more user friendly manner. But, as usual Steve, you offered a winner.! And thanks!

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BarbaraK October 06, 2002
Chocolate Rum Cake