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Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

I tried to make brown royal icing to decorate bear shaped cookies. But even with good quality food color paste, I couldn't get it dark enough. This was the answer.

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  1. Mix powdered sugar, cocoa and egg whites.
  2. Add water slowly until the icing is the consistency of thick frosting for outlining and thin with more water to fill.
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Thank you for sharing! I needed a brown royal icing for my acorn cookies and this worked perfect. The original recipe worked creat for the color of the body of the acorn, then I added a bit of black gel food coloring to deepen the color for the cap. Great tastin also!!

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This was the perfect frosting. I've never made chocolate royal icing. It was delicious! It hardened perfectly on my sugar cookies. I will definitely make this frosting again!

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Thanks so much for posting this recipe! I was having a really hard time achieving true black that wasn't bitter with my regular royal icing recipe. This worked like a charm! And tasted great too :)