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This is a very well behaved roulade. By that I mean that it tastes great and rolls up easily. In most directions for rolled cakes, they say to roll it up while warm, then unroll to fill, then roll up again. This is frustrating because it usually cracks. This chocolate roulade is cooled in the pan, THEN you roll it. It started to crack as the rolling began, but then just rolled perfectly, and the first bit was camouflaged by the filling anyway. I used the coffee-mascarpone filling instead of the chantilly cream - scrumptious.

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Jangomango March 30, 2003

This was my first time making a roulade. The flavor was a little bitter for my taste, but the cream was pretty good. I would recommend butting butter or PAM between the pan and paper, and then on top of the paper. Also may bake for the full 12 minutes next time. Otherwise turned out well.

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djafishfria August 15, 2007

I was looking through my cookbooks for a chocolate roulade recipe when I realized I was looking in all the wrong places- I always find the best recipes on Recipezaar. I was delighted when I saw that Mean Chef had submitted a recipe - I knew it had to be a winner. It was more than a winner - it was ethereal. An absolute standout recipe.

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bbh August 29, 2006

Oh my gosh! This Roulade was simply TO DIE FOR!! and I am not joking!! The first time making a roulade and it was a breeze to make. It was extremely chocolate-y and soooo moist. I was only unsure of one thing, if I was supposed to butter the pan, or the parchment paper? I went ahead and followed the directions and buttered the pan and lined it with parchment paper. My cake was glued to the paper and I had to scrape under the cake to make it come off slowly. It did make the rolling a little messy, but so worth it. Also, I made one other change, I used a 13x7.5 inch jelly-roll pan, and that made my cake a little thick, but I think that's how I will make it in the future 'coz I loved the thick cake. Also, due to the different sized pan, my bake time was of 20 mins. I filled it with Coffee Cream Filling #17245. This is definitely going in my keepers file, and I'm already making two of them again tomorrow!! Thanks Mean for an easy yet scrumptiously delicious recipe. Update: I made this again, but instead buttered the parchment paper instead of the pan and it worked like a charm ;)

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K's December 12, 2005

This was gorgeous -- a real hit at our office Christmas party -- and very easy to make. I had it all pulled together in less than 1/2 hour, which I frankly found amazing! The cake is very moist and fudgy and the whipped cream is to die for. I had a bit extra left over and nearly gobbled it all up! I didn't have any cognac so I used a bit of cointreau instead. I also had to use a cookie sheet as I don't own a jelly roll pan and it was a bit smaller than the dimensions in the recipe but worked just fine. Thanks for a winner!

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Sackville December 20, 2004

Thank you Mean! You helped me overcome my fear of making a chocolate roulade! I can't even begin to say how delicious and this is. And EASY! The cake comes together in just a few minutes, and couldn't be easier. The crème chantilly is even faster to prepare. I had no problems rolling the cake up. I did have a bit of trouble spreading the creme over the cake though. The dusting of cocoa was making it hard to stick. I had to really work the creme in there to get it from coming back off on the spatula--I'm sure there is some easy trick I just couldn't see, lol. But it all worked out fine. To serve, I opted for the dusting of cocoa and sugar, and served with dollops of more fresh whipped cream. I don't think it needs any frosting at all. This cake stands out on it's own. The flavor is a rich, dark intense chocolate that is to die for. I used Grand Marnier in the creme instead of cognac, and also used Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate in the cake itself. This was the hit of our New Years Day dinner. The only question is when am I making another? Thanks again Mean, for an easy recipe with clear, detailed instructions.

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ciao January 02, 2004
Chocolate Roulade