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Not sure why more people haven't tried this. It's wonderful. If you like the flavors of chocolate and raspberry don't hesitate to try this one. Loved everything about it. A couple of comments on the recipe. The 9 Tbs of sugar divided: you will mix in 7 1/2 Tbs w/the raspberries, 1 Tbs with 2 cups of cream and 1/2 Tbs with the final cup of cream. Secondly, it said to strain to remove seeds. I did not know if I was to just use the liquid or use some of the rasp and not just what strained. I kept in the rasp so some of the seeds were in there. It is not a problem unless you detest seeds or something. Will make again.

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Kelliemusic June 20, 2010
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Pie