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I needed a large cake for our son's birthday so I made 3 batches of the sponge and cooked each on in a layer in a 10 inch square pan. I made one batch of mouse as it seemed quite a large amount and looked quite thick in the photo on the recipe. I made 4 times the ganache and it was just the right amount. Like Irmgard says, the recipe seems complicated but is simple. I had a bit of trouble getting the ganache to cover the mousse but otherwise it was a dream to make and VERY popular with our guests. I give it 5 stars but the stars won't stick (another food.com glitch?)

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JustJanS October 14, 2013

My rating is on the mousse only because I used the dark chocolate cake #2496 from this site instead. It's my all time favourite. the cake is so moist that I never need to brush any syrup on before adding filling to the cake. And it doesn't dry up as fast. When I made the mousse, I reduced the lemon juice to 1.5 tbsp and sugar to 2/3 cup, frozen raspberries to 4 cups. One tip to avoid chocolate coating to crack: add 1/2 tbsp of unsalted butter when melting the chocolate with hot whipping cream. It was fun to decorate the cake with the web design. Check out my photos uploaded for this recipe.

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no cake mix May 17, 2012

I have to thank you for posting this wonderful cake. I've had it for years and suddenly lost the recipe. In fact I just logged in to see if I could find it on the net. This is truly a marvelous cake! Although it's true that the chocolate cake sometimes doesn't rise enough for four layers, it doesn't really make any difference, as the recipe only calls for two. Mostly I can get it to rise though... I also use grand marnier or cointreau sometimes instead of raspberry liqueur... I find that the combination of flavours is simply amazing! It's a visual stunner as well.. I just can't thank you enough for posting! Cheers! Is

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isarcat March 19, 2011

This is a very simple cake, if you do not develop the eggs properly you will not get the volume that you require. I can only assume that your cake did not have the volume or hight to cut into 3 to 4 layers. The recipe only uses 2 of the layers anyway.There is nothing wrong with the recipe. developing yolk and sugar is a matter of time, you look not only for that pale color but also for the thickness. You should not be able to feel the sugar crystals at all. That will be one half of the battle right there. Go ahead and try again with just the cake, buy a chicken farm if you have to , just don't give up.......

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Matreen August 04, 2008

Congrats, This is probably the worse cake I have ever made, based on directions alone, and the fact that I have made it twice with the same results. Basically due to the fact that directions are very confusing once you get to the mousse and the syrup. There is no way that you can make 3 or 4 layers out of a single recipe of the cake batter, totally impossible.

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greatmich March 21, 2008
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake