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I made this recipe today and noticed you didn't say when to add the 3 3/4 cups sugar to the raspberry mixture, so I added it when I added the chocolate pieces, mixed well so the sugar would dissolve, then proceeded with the rest of the recipe. The taste I got from licking the bowl tells me this is a keeper recipe!!

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imua65 September 29, 2009

My daughter and I just made this jam. I already love raspberry jam but this recipe gives it a really yummy twist! You can bet we will be making more! The recipe calls for 4 cups of sugar but the recipe doesn't say when to use all of it. I've made jam for years so I just followed the directions on the pectin package- stir the pectin into the fruit, bring it to the boil and then add sugar and boil again. I also used 11 dark chocolate Dove Promises. It's what I had on hand. Very yummy!

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aussie american June 24, 2008

This made a great filling for my son's grooms cake and the bride's cake. try it you'll love it!

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arubycowgirl April 05, 2009

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I am an experienced jam and jelly cook, so the question of when to add the sugar was moot. The set was perfect, the taste, DELICIOUS. I'll be making this again for sure. I did add 1TBSP of high quality vanilla extract to bring up the flavor, I highly recommend this.

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Vanessa G. November 11, 2014

This is the first jam I have ever made. Came together beautifully, I just read the reviews for when to add the sugar and seems to have worked just fine. Thanks for a lovely first time Jam experience, I got just over a liter of jam for those playing in metric countries.

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Satyne July 27, 2013

This jam is excellent! Try it over ice cream! I gave the recipe to my sister-in-law, and my nephew requests it frequently. He just eats it with a spoon! Do NOT burn the chocolate, or the jam will have a very bitter taste. Also, it can be a little pricey to make as the raspberries are expensive. Well worth the money, though.

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Jean L. August 26, 2012

I made this recipe last night and the taste is wonderful, not too sweet. I love the tangy raspberries combined with rich chocolate. It is the most beautiful, regal burgundy color and looks gorgeous in the quilted ball jars. I did not use the bakers chocolate squares, but used some chocolate "liquor bits", unsweetened chocolate chips basically. Im not sure if they completely melted smoothly but I like the little flecks of chocolate. No one else commented if they had tiny chocolate flecks in theirs so I am assuming it was the type of chocolate used. I plan on trying this with white chocolate too and maybe even with strawberries or blackberries. These jams are going to be given as gifts and I know I'm definately going to use this jam as a filling in some chocolate cupcakes! I don't care for seedy jams so as I was getting ready to pour into my jars I strained the jam into a pitcher and then poured it into my jars. I got 4 half pints and 4 4oz jars plus another half pint I kept aside for snacking on, after all the seeds were removed. I think the next time I make it I will do as another reviewer did and once the sugar is added, follow cooking instructions on the sure jell package. Mine could have come out a tad smoother I think, but I am also very new to making jams and jellies. Give this recipe a try if you love raspberries and chocolate!

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shelteredcreature August 10, 2012

Delicious! I think its best as a filling for things like thumprint cookies and cakes. I strained the seeds from the whole batch and added the bulk of the sugar at the begining with the chocolate. Excellent as my first canning attempt.

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ktkate July 13, 2012

As for a first canning experiment, this went really well. I used purple raspberries and subbed cocoa powder/butter for the chocolate squares (I didn't have any on hand ratio is 1T Fat to 3T cocoa powder) I added almost 2T extra cocoa powder and 2t of vanilla (add vanilla after it's removed from the heat) since I like the dark chocolate experience. Even with the extra chocolate I feel it still isn't overpowering - but always taste as you go!

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Blue Eyes Willow July 06, 2012

I just finished this recipe and shamelessly scraped and licked the spoons. It is amazing. I added 6 oz of chocolate instead of the 3 it calls for. I think that it has a great balance between sweet and chocolate. I am attending a crafters holiday bazaar this weekend, I'm hoping this will make a nice addition to my collection of jams and jellies that I sell. THANK YOU

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risingsun9365 November 21, 2011
Chocolate Raspberry Jam (Canning Recipe)