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This was very tasty. I would definitely give it 5 stars+ for the taste! However, after it came to a soft boil, I cooked it only about one more minute as stated. Not being a scratch pudding kind of girl, I had no idea how thick this should have looked at this point. So, after adding the vanilla and butter, I poured it into a pie shell. After 5 hours in the fridge, I still had liquid; it never set. I didn't want to waste it, so I poured it out of the pie shell and put it back on the stove. I cooked and stirred it until it was fairly thick and then poured it back in the shell. It set up nicely and tasted great. I'm sure the texture wasn't perfect, as the butter and vanilla were already in it when I cooked it a second time (assuming there's a reason for adding it after cooking), but the flavor was outstanding. Thanks for posting...now that I know I have to cook it a few more minutes, I'll be using this often.

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Karen=^..^= October 28, 2005

This was a great, easy to make pudding recipe. I used it as a pie filling and had no problem with it setting up. Was thick and smooth and very tasty! Thanks so much for posting!!

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StacyMD187373 September 29, 2011

Very tasty, but not as smooth as I would have liked. The texture was too grainy. It also didn't thicken as much as I expected, although it did seem to thicken more after chilling.

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Sonata September 09, 2005

Used this recipe several times, with great results. Used in pie and also as a pudding. Thanks for a good one. papagreg

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papagreg August 08, 2005
Chocolate Pudding Deluxe (For Pies Trifles, Etc)