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This is so good, Julesong! I was a little hesitant to try this, but it was so simple, and I had two pomegranates I needed to use up. I finely minced some candied ginger (about 2 TBSP, minced) and added that to the chocolate, as well as about 1/4 cup of toasted slivered almonds. The almonds were kind of lost in the other flavors, but I really felt that the ginger was a stunning addition. This recipe is so good! The little "gems" just burst in your mouth, and chocolate and pomegranate juice mix beautifully! I made some of my little candies a bit big, and discovered that it was better to make them small enough to pop in your mouth in one bite so as not to lose any of the pomegranate seeds. Thanks for this recipe, it is an impressive one, and I'll be making it to munch on for Thanksgiving. Thanks once again!

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Mommy2two November 15, 2009

Never thought about mixing pomegranate with chocolate before but it really is pretty good. I made some with white chocolate and they were gorgeous - the white stayed white so it really showed off the red in the seeds. The white chocolate didn't melt as easily as the dark though, but that was likely user error

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kwil458 September 24, 2009

Super easy and FABULOUS! Who could imagine that something so easy could be so heavenly! I was lucky enough to come upon some pomegranites in September and remembered seeing this recipe earlier in the year. My daughter and I made this in just a few minutes - She had already taken the pomegranite seeds out. A tip she came across about an easy way to get pomegranite seeds out. Take the pomegranite apart in a bowl of water - holding the pomegranite under water. The seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl, and the peel and little pieces of pith float to the top and can be skimmed off easily.

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Julie F September 25, 2011

So this one goes in my file of "so easy but super impressive stuff to take to gatherings"! They were a huge hit for the Thanksgiving crowd. My advise for this recipe (if you're willing to give up some of the "easy") is to break it down into 3 or 4 very small batches and use a teaspoon to make the "drops" as small as possible. I found that the longer the chocolate/pomegranate mixture sat and began to cool (while you were spooning it onto the wax paper) the less pleasing the final product looked. May also help to make sure your pomegranate seeds are at room temperature before you add them to the chocolate to keep from cooling it too much. It's hard to make these small, but I agree with Mommy2two, to be at their best, they should be small enough to pop the whole thing in your mouth.

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FolkDiva November 26, 2010

I had purchased a pomegranate because it was on sale, but had no clue what to do with it when I got home (I'm sure none of you have ever had that problem!). Thanks for the great recipe! The only thing I would add is that before draining and rinsing I drained as much of the juice as I could into a cup for drinking. Mmm, good! Thank you!

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Baking Bunny November 10, 2009

I lucked out and found a bag of pomegranates for a song at our grocery store (they didn't look so great). Hmmmmm...pomegranate martinis for the next month? What to do? I totally lucked out when I came across this recipe, Julesong! And it's that time of year (Christmas) when you feel like you should arrive with baked goods at the dentist, hair stylist, etc. so I made lots and lots of them. I used dark chocolate so they are even healthier and decadent. I'm so happy to find another use for the ever-popular pomegranate seed!!

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Jennabelle December 11, 2009

My 4yo loved helping with these. How can you not enjoy them? Delicious. I seeded and rinsed and layed out my seeds last night so that they would be thoroughly dry for today's candy making. Very easy, very worth it. Thanks!

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leithead October 29, 2009

Wow!!! These are great little bits. It was a pain to get the seeds out of the pomegranate but it was well worth it. I ended up doing 4 pomegranates. Made quite a bit. Gave to a couple of my neighbors and kept plenty for us. Very pretty. I might have to try with the white chocolate next.

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Queenofcamping December 24, 2010

These juicy, bursting pomegranate seeds were so delicious with the chocolate! Very different, and very easy, also. When my seeds were very dry before folding into the chocolate, I got beautiful, dark, glossy chocolates. I later folded more seeds in, and they were a bit wet - well, BIG OOPS! Although still as tasty, they didn't look nearly as good as my first batch. As far as quantities, my 2 pomegranates yielded 3 1/4 cups seeds. Due to a miscalculation, I used 4 cups of chips, (= 2 bags, which many recommended) but next time I will try the 2 cups recommended, or a max of 3 cups. Thanks so much for a fun and delicious recipe!

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Dorie's Lori January 01, 2009

Tasty, tasty, tasty! So, easy, yet sophisticated. A dessert to impress, or just enjoy with kids. And, if using dark chocolate, this recipe is full of antioxidants!

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Chef Lisa B December 31, 2008
Chocolate Pomegranate Seeds