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These were easy to put together. I was able to make one 12 x 10 rectangle and one 10 x 10 rectangle of dough. My problem came after chilling for two hours. The chocolate layer got quite hard after being in the refrigerator that long. As I attempted to cut it the chocolate kept shattering making it impossible to cut 1/8 slices. Perhaps it needed more butter melted into the chocolate chips. My slices were close to a 1/4 inch thick and weren't as pretty as they could have been because of all the shattered chocolate. I only got 41 cookies, so even if I had cut them at 1/8 inch, I would not have gotten 108 (9 dz) cookies. All that being said, these were tasty.

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Jadelabyrinth November 21, 2015
Chocolate Pinwheels