Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

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I am a huge lover of anything sweet, especially containing peanut butter and chocolate! But I must say, this is not the kind of fudge I had in mind. I followed the recipe exactly, and what I came out with was more of a peanut butter and chocolate TAFFY. Nothing like any fudge I've ever had before. I couldn't taste anything except the marshmallow creme, and I think that's also what gave this recipe the "taffy" consistency. I let it set up and then refrigerated it for many hours. In fact, I have been trying for hours to get it out of the pan. I tried prying it out while it was cold, had my husband try, and we were both unsuccessful. Finally, I had to let it sit at room temperature for 4 hours before I could finally scoop it out of the pan using MUCH elbow grease! (After 5 minutes of working on it, I had to make my husband finish it. My hands are still killing me 1 hour later!) I am so sorry to slam this recipe like I did, and I see that this chef has many, many other recipes that are rated 5 stars, for which I congratulate her! This is just not one of the better ones in my opinion.

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  1. Mix 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1/3 cup milk in pan, stirring on medium heat to boil, then stir constantly 4 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon vanilla and chocolates.
  3. Blend; add 1/2 jar of marshmallow.
  4. Blend together until marshmal low is melted and mixture is creamy.
  5. Pour into 9 x 13-inch pan.
  6. repeat instructions listed, except add the peanut butter, not the chocolates.
  7. Pour over chocolate fudge and let set up at room temperature, then refrigerate.

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