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Followed your recipe right on down, but guess my balls were a bit bigger than the recipe called for, because I managed almost 5 dozen, which was not a problem at all! A large portion of these great little tasties went off with my other half to share at one of his weekly meetings, but I managed to keep 18 of 'em right here at home for this chocoholic to enjoy! Liked the frosting & another time wouldn't mind doubling the amount for a bigger chocolate hit from each bite! Still, very, very satisfying! Thanks for sharing this great recipe! [Made & reviewed in Everyday Is a Holiday recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike August 11, 2011

Excellent cookie recipe! I enjoyed the chocolate spread on top of the cookie with the sprinkling of the peanuts. It is so nice looking that I plan on having this on my Christmas cookie tray this winter for the neighborhood party. The cookies held together well after baking which I loved! I halved the recipe without a problem at all and received 34 cookies (give or take a few which my son and hubby might have snitched!). I think everything was just perfect with this cookie - not overwhelmed with one flavor over the other so it was a perfect blend. Thanks for sharing in the Went to the Market tag game.

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HokiesMom October 03, 2011

A twist on the peanut butter kiss cookies. It has a mild pb taste, which is a plus for me and I can rationalize the calories away by saying I am getting fiber with the oats. haha. It was a bit more work - but I cheated and microwave melted my chocolate mixture. Thanks for posting! Made for December Photo Tag Game.

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Color Guard Mom December 11, 2013

I need to say, in advance, that I knew that this recipe would be da bomb so I made only one dozen out a sense of self preservation. I used Splenda Brown but that still left the chocolate, lol. Be that as it may these fully lived up to my expectation of Cookies by Breezermon (always top drawer!). I really enjoyed the addition of the peanuts here. They came out sinfully good and I'm so glad that I made only 12 because I've already eaten 5 and packed the rest in the freezer where, for some reason that even I don't understand, I won't touch any more until I'm ready to enjoy one with coffee or tea. I took them out of the oven at the soft chewy stage. This is a true keeper that I'll make again for our next cards night. :D

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Annacia September 15, 2013

Good recipe. Almost gave it 4 stars just because it's a bit more work to put the chocolate on the top. Giving it 5 stars because the extra work made the cookies look every bit as appetizing as they are tasty! Took these to work today and they received rave reviews all around and disappeared a little too quickly. Thanks, Breezermom! Made for PRMR tag game.

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mersaydees December 19, 2011
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookies With Oats