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My daughter and I made this for my husband's birthday. We used low fat sour cream and more peanut butter cups than called for. Everyone loved this! Not super sweet but wonderful chocolate and peanut butter flavor! Thanks.

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ladypit March 27, 2010

Made this to rave reviews for a party. Making it again for a cake walk at my daughter's school tomorrow. Weirdly, my family and I don't like the cake, either because of the large quantity of sour cream or because we don't like box cakes. I may try it again with one of the copycat recipes for box mix, to see if we like it better! :) I did use at least 20 mini-pb cups last time, 25 this time, and I'm going to chop some for the top. The finished cake is beautiful, and the recipe is so easy! This is likely going to be my go-to cake for parties/events from now on. Thanks!

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Horsestalktome June 01, 2012

This cake was so easy, yet so delicious you would have thought I slaved over it, but didn't! The peanut butter taste was great but not overwhelming. Family enjoyed this, and whenever I need a peanut butter chocolate fix, I know where to find it! Thanks for sharing!

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Aunt Paula May 23, 2012

Wowzersssss! everyone loved it ,there's none left , lol. This one will be in my favorites, ty for posting Parsley..So easy to make too. Anyone who likes peanut butter and chocolate, you must try this recipe, you won't regret it. I cooked mine for 1 hour at 325 degrees, in black bundt pan.

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germie3 November 11, 2009

Very good - I only wish there were some way to keep the peanut butter cups from "disappearing" into the cake. Next time I will try freezing them to see if that helps at all. I started with full fat sour cream, then ran out so filled in with reduced fat sour cream. When I didn't have enough of that either, I finished with fat free vanilla yogurt. I think it probably gave it a litttle bit of a spongier texture, but it was very good. I mailed half the cake to my college daughter and it held up very well. Loved the peanut butter and chocolate chip glaze!

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Julie F October 06, 2012

I did not have as much luck as everyone else. I used a dark chocolate cake mix, and maybe it's not as sweet as devils food is. The peanut butter cups in the middle sunk to the bottom, so they kind of pooled at the rounded part of the the bundt. I used my pampered chef stone bundt pan in the microwave, as directed for 12 mins on high. I have made cakes successfully this way before. But this is one was very dry at the edges. If I try again I will use devils food mix and microwave it for a little less time. I will also put the peanut butter cups in after about 2/3 of the batter instead of half.

The one trick I tried that seemed to work well has to do with the frosting. I bought a bag of mini peanut butter cups for the recipe, but only used a dozen as directed inside the cake. So instead of melting peanut butter and chocolate together, I just used the rest of the bag of peanut butter cups which measured out to a little over a cup.

My husband took the leftovers to work the next day and said the cake was moister after having sat for a day (covered in fridge).

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suz000 September 28, 2012

I received a bundt cake pan for Christmas, and this recipe was my first attempt at a bundt cake. It was wonderful!! After reading some reviews, I added a few more halves of mini peanut butter cups. I was worried about the cake sticking to the pan, so I used a lot of butter-flavored Crisco and flour on it. I also coated the pan with chocolate powder, for good measure. I looked online, and some people said to let the cake cool completely before inverting on a plate. Other said wait only ten minutes. I followed the recipe and removed it from the pan after ten minutes. It came out perfectly! Thanks for this yummy (and easy) recipe! I've never had my guests take seconds of desserts! We loved it!

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mmm29 January 11, 2012

This went over GREAT...too much for the three of us so I shared with a friend and took some to work..All wanted the recipe. Perfect blend of Choc and PB...Did use a German Chocolate Mix and added Reese Peanut Butter chips in the middle with the Reeses....But, what I kept hearing was about the Icing...Thank you for posting

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Britt O's sweetie pie December 16, 2011

I made this for my DH's birthday, and he was quite pleased. Great recipe, and I love how easy it was! Next time I'll probably add more pb cups, but will make no other changes. Thank you for submitting!

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charps March 23, 2011

***Update: I made this again using an inexpensive silicone bundt pan ($7.99) for 12 minutes at level 10 in my microwave. It rose almost over the edge while cooking, but did not overflow. My family thought that while it was cooked completely through that it was a tad bit dry. Next time I may try 11 minutes on level 10 or 12 minutes on level 9.*** Thanks for posting this simple recipe for my chocolate and peanut butter loving family. I used 12 miniature peanut butter cups and my family LOVED it, but thought I should have added more. I'm not a chocolate cake fan and thought that it was too rich, but according to my family my vote doesn't count. Thanks again Parsley, you've made some fans with this recipe.

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Eldeevee April 27, 2010
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake