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This did not turn out at all like I expected... I'd had in mind the molten, restaurant-style chocolate cakes that you see everywhere these days. I made this for a post Valentine's dessert for some close friends. When I finally went to cut it, I was extremely disturbed to see that the cake was not only loose and molten, but actuallly liquidy! I freaked out... pulling some oven-proof ramekins from the cupboard, I used a soup ladle to fill each bowl full of the chocolate mixture (there was a cakiness barely around the edges). I placed them into a full-blast oven for about 5-10 additional minutes. Finally, the guests could wait no longer, and I served each bowl with a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream. The very top of these had a slight crust, while the interior was much like- well, soup. But a beautiful, rich, chocolate soup. I said, "oh well," brought these out to my guests and said, 'here is what you have been waiting for- Schokolade Soup!" I am not sure what the correct texture should have been, although I know my oven is calibrated correctly- but these were wonderful! I know this because all conversation immediately ceased, and one could only hear the sound of the dessert being sucked down. A good omen, indeed. This was wonderful, even if it did not turn out quite as I thought it would. Flavour alone shoots this to five stars. Thank you, for a most sinfully delicious VD dessert. :)

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s'kat February 15, 2004

all i can say is- the name is totally appropriate-this is soooo sinfully good. i topped it with cherry garcia ice cream , to die for

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chia June 21, 2003

OMG, this is to die for. Really wonderful. I served it to my future in-laws--and they LOVED it!! Picky fiance ate the rest the next day!! I served it as you suggested with creme fraiche, and I also added some fresh raspberries and sliced strawberries on the side. Fantastic. I will make this as a standby dessert.

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spatchcock November 03, 2003

Have Mercy!! Anything this close to Heaven could not be rated less than 5 stars! This is truly a chocolate lovers fantasy come true! I used Amaretto and Ghiradelli Chocolate, following Evelyn's lead and combining a mixture of milk chocolate and bittersweet. This satisfied very chocolate urge for the next several weeks!! Thank you, Evelyn/Athens!!

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Bev May 28, 2007

I was disappointed. This was not at all what I expected. I had trouble getting the middle to the right consistency without the outer edge getting hard.

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Amyschnabi February 15, 2005

I this cake was wonderful. I baked it for 5 minutes longer than stated after reading some of the reviews. The outer edge was like a fudgy cake and the gooey chocolatey center was to die for. I served this with some barely sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Thanks for suggesting this recipe it really made the meal a memorable one.

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Wenstar January 02, 2005

Very, very^100 good and this is a confirmed chocoholic speaking. Used 450 g. bitter chocolate only with 2/3 cup sugar and 2/3 cup flour, 6 eggs, 2 tblsp rum, only 8 tblsp of butter and 1/2 tsp of baking powder. I mixed your recipe up with another one and then realised my mistake when I did not see rum and baking powder in that one so added them and then went ahead with your instructions. except that I baked them in muffin cups (12 cups). I prepared the batter ahead of time (an excellently useful tip I must add) They baked for 17 minutes in all and the result was awesssssssssssome! I made this 2 days in a row for an after dinner dessert for close family served with vanilla ice-cream . And still have the same set of people clamouring for more. Thanks for another winner Ev. :) Fay

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Girl from India January 02, 2005

Outstanding!!! I served this cake for Thanksgiving (It was requested that we serve something other than pumpkin pie). This cake received rave reviews. I served the cake in ramekins and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. I will definitely make this again. Thanks for the recipe!

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4TheLuvofWine November 26, 2004

Excellent! However, the "cake" could definitely be cooked 5-10 minutes longer and still have some molten centre. The cake was wonderfully decadent, but was more molten chocolate batter than cake, and as much as it was chocolate heaven, it did still taste somewhat like the batter was uncooked. We refrigerated the leftovers (there were some, not much, but some) and the next day, they tasted like fudgy truffles....mmmmm, amazing!

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skunk galloway July 25, 2004

Wow! This dessert was truly fantastic. Hubby and I have decided to call it Chocolate Heaven so we can share the recipe with others lol Seriously, this recipe was just fantastic. Ours turned out just as expected in exactly the time you have stated. We served with some just barely sweetened whipped cream which complemented the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly. Tomorrow -- vanilla ice cream on the side. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!! Dianne

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Pianolady May 30, 2004
Chocolate Orgasm