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Whoo-hoo-hoo, what a treat! I made these in about 5 minutes- the easiest part of my Christmas baking. I subbed agave nectar for corn syrup. They roll so perfectly and I think the prettiest balls are the ones I rolled in a mixture of red&green dyed sugar. This is a chocolaty, orangy keeper! Thanks so much!

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White Rose Child December 24, 2007

I can't wait to share these with my mom as one of her favorite flavor combinations is orange and chocolate. I can't believe how easy this recipe is... no cooking necessary. At first you taste the chocolate and then a second later the orange hits. I think these will satisfy any chocolate craving you may have. I tried rolling in the powdered sugar but the granulated sugar was so much prettier. They sparkled!

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cookiedog March 14, 2007

These are one of my favorite cookies. They're fast, easy and delicous. I usually used walnuts instead of pecans and granulated sugar to roll them in. I'm going to be making these right when I get home from grocery shopping. Thanks!

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Maryannefigueroa2835 November 03, 2015
Chocolate Orange Balls