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I adore these lovely chocolate muffins! For their wonderful flavor & texture + such an easy prep, they clearly deserve 5*. BUT I wonder if the recipe is correct (complete might be a better word). They were fairly flat & their centers fell somewhat during the late stage of baking & the cooling. This has happened to me only when a recipe should have used self-rising flour or had baking powder or soda as an ingredient. If they are supposed to be flat, I would like to know so I can revise my rating. I do advise using paper liners as they stubbornly seemed overly fond of my muffin tin. Thx for sharing this yummy recipe that I made as a PAC choice & combined w/your Chocolate Mocha Frosting. :-) ... Edited to Add: The empty muffin spot in the pic was my taste test. :-)

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twissis September 18, 2007
Chocolate Muffins