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Oh dear, I'm afraid I had to make a lot of substitutions to this recipe. We don't have moose/meece/mooses (?) in Australia so I had to substitute a large kangaroo. The good thing about using the kangaroo was that he jumped quite readily into the large vat of chocolate, probably thinking it was just another muddy billabong (water hole). Getting him out was also easy as once he hit that hot chocolate he bounded out again faster than Steve Irwin can say, "Crikey"! The biggest problem I had was getting the roo into the refrigerator. I eventually managed by removing all the shelves, but I think his mother must have come from the Snowy Mountains because the cold did not seem to deter him from bouncing one bit. In fact, he bounced so much that the refrigerator slid all the way down the hall and into the bathroom where it wedged itself tightly between the shower recess and the bench. We haven't been able to shower since. I DID, however, manage to open the fridge door and found the roo nicely chilled, if slightly bewildered. We don't have Cool Whip in Australia, so I whipped up half a 44 gallon drum of cream in a cement mixer - the little bits of left-over dried cement provided an interesting texture and saved on buying 50kg of macadamia nuts. By this time I realised I missed a step and should have tied the kangaroo down in the first place, because now it was a real problem getting him onto the platter. I DID wonder whether I should have used a DEAD kangaroo, but the recipe didn't specify this, and I don't like to deviate too much from the instructions when cooking a recipe for the first time. Ultimately, the kangaroo wouldn't sit still for long enough for us to put him on the platter, so, in true Aussie tradition, I just invited the mob over, provided everyone with a boomerang and said, "Help yourselves!". An interesting recipe but perhaps not one I'd try again in a hurry.

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Kookaburra April 11, 2006

Very Cute!!!! Gotta go buy me a bigger fridge now! LOL

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Amy V April 14, 2003

I could not afford to send DH to Alaska, but we do have moose here in Washington. In my haste to get him out the door, my note said "Please go hunting for a mouse for dinner". As you can imagine I had way too much chocolate and just a bit too much cool whip. (it was like trying to find the needle (mouse) in the hay stack) I did increase the amount of cherry, I used two because there is two of us. Due to the fact that I made a few changes and I just love chocolate and cool whip I had to rate this a 5 star. Thanks ThatBobbieGirl for a recipe that will be handed down for generations. I think next time I will use bittersweet chocolate to lower the carbs.

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teresas November 01, 2006

As I am from Germany, I also had to make a few adjustments as we do not have moose here. However, we have deer, and I can honestly say that a nice grown-up stag will do just as well, given one or to stiff drinks and persuaded to sign an agreement. I would also recommend to add some coffee liqueur to the chocolate. And check out the vegetable side dish recommendations provided by recipezaar....;oD

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Sweettooth Fairy October 25, 2006

This dessert was the talk of our recent social, and my family loved it! I found that I needed to double the cherries, as one simply wasn't enough. It took awhile to melt the chocolate; I would advise parking yourself on a stool and finding a good book to read while you stir. I highly recommend that timeless page-turner "Antlers in the Treetops" by Who Goosed the Moose.

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UnknownChef86 September 02, 2004

On Stella Mae's recommendation, I sussed out this Choccy Covered Moose and must say the results were most gratifying. I served this moose on a very large, single platter for a family reunion. We are 48, at full strength, and found that I had to use 2 moose; mooses; meese.... They was delivered on a flat bed lumber truck. The local chocolate manufacturers were very accommodating in that, when explained the reasons for my request, they obliged me by hoisting up the mooses, with a hydraulic lift and lowering them, simultaneously, into a single vat of melted dark chocolate, for even coating distribution. The antlers were a little tricky; they kept getting intertwined with the horns of the bull used in the telling of this review. For additional flavour, I added 50 kilos of macedamia nuts; anybody can use peanuts; nothing is too good for my family. Thank you for your contribution, and thank you for making RecipeZaar a better place.

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TOOLBELT DIVA June 29, 2004

Well, I found that the moose objected to being dipped, so I think it's better to give it a stiff drink first to knock it out. ( I recommend bourbin as it tenderizes the meat.) I served my family a few stiff drinks as well while we waited for the chocolate to set, and by the time the moose was served we all agreed that this is a most delicious recipe!

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Stella Mae January 04, 2004

Very good recipe. The local kind of moose we have here in Sweden didnĀ“t stay put long enough, so we used a reindeer instead. We will make this Chocolate Reindeer variation again as Christmas table decoration. This is going to be a keeper in our house ;)

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teresaspindel October 27, 2003

I used a local NH moose, but the recipe was still good!

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Kaseysospacey May 25, 2010

Wow. I can't believe RecipeZaar actually has the nutrition facts for a MOOSE! My, that's alot of fat! Isn't there any way to make this dish a bit healthier?

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Ransomed by Fire October 14, 2008
Chocolate Moose