Chocolate Marshmallow Dip (Crock Pot)

Total Time
3hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 hrs

"Sweetened condensed milk is the creamy basis for this velvety dip. Use your imagination when choosing dippers." This recipe is taken from the $7 a Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook. I have to return this to the library so am posting for future reference since it sounds delicious.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In 2 quart slow cooker, combine condensed milk, chocolate chips and baking chocolate.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours, then stir.
  3. Continue to cook another 1-2 hours, as necessary to melt chocolate and the mixture is a smooth consistency.
  4. Stir in marshmallow creme and blend.
  5. Serve immediately with your choice of dippers.