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Decadent is an understatement! The chewy chocolate cookie combined with the gooey marshmallow filling and the fudge-like frosting really makes for an indulgent and delicious treat. Be careful to not let the cooked frosting sit too long before using it, mine started to set up while trying to frost the last half dozen cookies.

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2atdiemer July 31, 2008

Wow - one of the easiest and most decadently delicious recipes I've baked!
It's snowy and cold here and my 3 year old and I were looking for a recipe to make to go with some hot chocolate after building a snowman. These were so simple to make - she did the cookie and I did the frosting!
My little miss loves to bake but isn't very patient so the quick bake time was very appealing. I only made half the quantity of frosting and would say that's plenty to give a little spot on the top without making these too sweet.....that said, it's so delicious, I could have eaten it straight from the pan lol!
Not diet friendly in the slightest but having spent two hours running round in the freezing snow, we earned such a delicious treat!
This recipe has gone instantly to my favourites folder for future treats! Thanks for sharing.

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Nelldance January 25, 2013

I found this recipe yesterday morning and I have since made two batches of these cookies. I absolutely love them. I did not make the icing to go on top of the cookies and I truly believe it's not necessary, they are fluffy, moist and decadent all on their own. Besides that omission, I didn't change the recipe at all (except substituting soy milk for regular milk, which turned out just fine) and I wouldn't because it is perfect as is. The cookies (more fudge or cake-like, really) were a huge hit with my boyfriend and even my grandma, my baking idol. Extremely quick to put together and instructions are easy to follow. Absolutely fantastic recipe!

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Housegirlfriend101 October 09, 2012

These cookies were a HUGE hit with my husband and kids. I added 1/2 cup choc. chips to the batter and used some German Chocolate marshmallows I found at a grocery store. Thanks for sharing we will definately be making these again.

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Chef Q in Oregon October 10, 2011

THIS RECIPE IS AMAZING! Where do I even begin? Short preparation and cooking time, simple ingredients, fantastic result. These cookies taste AMAZING. So. Amazing. Definitely 5 stars. And definitely make a double batch!! They're too good!!

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cakeprincess August 20, 2011
Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies