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Ok...I am committing the worse sin possible! I am rating one of Karen's recipes a 4 star instead of her usual and so deserved 5 star and more rating. I must admit I am being a little hard on karen. The benchmark for her recipes are always outstanding, and I am one of her biggest fan. And the reason why i am rating it 4 instead of 5 star is because, I found the glaze a little too much trouble for the actual outcome of the cake. Overall the cake is extremely simple to make, and it taste really good, BUT the glaze really was not worth that much of effort or time. Next time, i will just melt a little bit of chocolate and drizzle it on, OR just use some hershey chocolate sauce. It would work just as well, and eating the cake, you can't really tell the difference if you had just used a chocolate sauce. But overall other than that (and yes I am being extremely critical) this was a good cake. the melted marshmellows on the top went very well with the cake visually and taste wise. Thank you karen.

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KitchenManiac July 22, 2003
Chocolate Marshmallow Cake