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Unbelievably Good and Easy are not often in the same sentence. I used a 12 cupcake teflon pan, no liners, just buttered and sugar swirled in each cup --- Tip: put a teaspoon or so of sugar in each cup if you are using a multi cup pan like me, then swirl the sugar around-allowing all of the cups to be "sugared" at one time.

I changed the following: 50/50 mixture of semisweet chips and dark(86%) chocolate for total 8 oz chocolate, plus a trick from the Barefoot Contessa: a sprinkle (1/2 teaspooon) of instant coffee granules in the hot melted butter/chocolate mixture. Mixed in before combining with the flour/sugar/eggs. Intensifies the chocolate flavor, and does not leave a coffee flavor in the cakes.

The lava cakes rose up about 1/2 inch above the pan, just like a souffle....let them cool before inverting the pan over a large plate -- all 12 came out with the "lava dome" on the top, with only one "eruption" er I mean spill of Lava.
So good, so easy, a keeper for sure.

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Marko59 February 19, 2011

I give this a million stars!! It is unbelievable easy and the most amazing presentation. I found a more difficult version in Good Housekeeping Magazine. The one thing I did learn from them is that this can be prepared 2 weeks ahead and frozen. I just took out a frozen ramekin to test it out before my party later this week. I did everything as written, but let it thaw about 30 minutes and baked it about 5 - 7 minutes longer, watching for cracking on the top. When plating it use a knife after letting sit a few minutes and go around the edges. Hold it with cooking mitt in the palm of one hand, put plate in other hand and it makes it easier to get the dessert upside down to put on the plate. I served it with Hagen Daz Vanilla Swiss Almond, which is vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered almonds and a few raspberries/mint. This is so easy, can easily be frozen and baked for an elegant dinner party. Absolutely devine!

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Randi M. May 02, 2010

this came out really good when following the directions. rich, gooey, super chocolatey. i also attempted to make this sugar free for my dad using unsweetened chocolate and splenda for baking. HORRIBLE. the butter separated when baking so it was a greasy mess on top and hard crumbly chocolate on the bottom.

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cookies4paige November 12, 2012

Simple and perfect. Easiest and least messy method possible. Scaled down servings to 5, using 1 stick of butter and one 60% Ghiradelli bar, but put it in 4 6oz ramekins. Just the right amount of batter. Kept in the fridge 'til after dinner, then baked until done. Served with whipped cream. It would be wonderful with fresh berries on the side. Thanks so very much.

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little giggly's mom December 27, 2011

I first reduced the servings to 5 (actually there was just 2 of us, my BF and me). I used Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate 80 gm, and as it is already sweet, I used only 1/4 cup sugar. Let me list the ingredients which i used, in case it would help someone. 80 gm Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate (two 40 gm bars), 100 gm butter, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, and 1/4 cup flour. Cooked it in just 1 medium sized ramekin which I had. Turned out excellent and both of us fought over the last piece :) and made me look like a great cook, which I am not. Best Ever. Thank you so much for posting.

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Sangeetha April 22, 2010

Excellent! I made this for dessert for my honey on Valentine's day and it was perfection. Very easy recipe (I halved it and made 6 ramekins). I prepped them in advance, and than popped them in the oven while we cleaned up the kitchen. Served with Creme Anglaise and vanilla ice cream with a dusting of powder sugar. Just as good as a restaurant desert imo :)

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Marisa Cormier March 08, 2010

I served this at my dinner party & it was a hit! It was delicious & easy to make!! Thanks.

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lfavero November 16, 2003

LOVE this recipe - the texture, the flavor, and how easy it was to make! I baked the mixture in both ramekins and muffin tins, the center of the cakes sank down after baking, which was different than everyone's review. However, we still enjoyed them thoroughly.

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SharonChen January 17, 2016

This recipe probably doesn't need another 5-star review, but it does deserve it. I scaled the recipe down to make two servings and four servings and didn't measure very precisely and it came out great both times. I added the espresso powder to the melted chocolate as suggested by another reviewer (1/4 teaspoon per two servings).

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MoChile January 09, 2012

Easy to make, great to taste! Impress your guest or guests! Thank you!

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BethyBaby November 21, 2010
Chocolate Lava Cake