Chocolate Holiday Bark

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Recipe by Chef mariajane

So delightful for any chocolate lover!! M-m-m-m-m-m good!! Found this in our local paper - found a lot of good recipes there!!

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  1. Line an 8x8-inch pan with tinfoil. Grease lightly.
  2. Set aside one square of the bittersweet chocolate. Chop rest into small pieces.
  3. Melt in double boiler or microwave until melted. Pour into prepared pan and smooth top. Chill for 30 minutes.
  4. Combine cereal and 1/2 cup dried fruit. It's better if you chop the fruit into small pieces.
  5. Chop and melt white chocolate. (Watch it closely; it melts at a lower temperature than bittersweet).
  6. Gently fold cereal fruit mix into white chocolate until it is completely coated.
  7. Spread over chilled bittersweet chocolate. Sprinkle with the remaining fruit; chill.
  8. Melt remaining block of bittersweet chocolate and drizzle over top.
  9. Once set, take the chocolate bark out of pan and cut into squares.

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