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The texture of this filling was sooo good inside the hamentashen I made this week. I read other reviews and decreased the coffee to 1/2 tsp. and increased the sugar to 1 cup. With these changes the filling was just the right sweetness for me and the coffee was not overpowering. The filling stayed inside well with no overflow. I will be using this recipe again. Thank you for a great recipe.

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Baking Bear March 09, 2012

This is the fantastic all-purpose chocolate filling I have been looking for for a LONG time. Could easily be adapted to fill babkas, rogelach, etc., as every other filling I've tried tends to vanish during baking.
I was about to use chocolate chips in my hamentashen, but this recipe made me glad I hadn't. This filling is gooey, rich and delicious... just the thing with this year's avant-garde gingerbread hamentashen!
I melted the margarine & chocolate together in a pot while beating the remaining ingredients together in a separate bowl with a hand mixer. Then, I just poured in the chocolate and margarine and mixed the whole thing together until it was evenly mixed.
Very sticky and tough to handle when dropping into hamentashen, but amazingly delicious results. THANKS!
Edited Purim 2012 to add: Still loving this recipe, which I made today without the chocolate chips or nuts. HOWEVER... because of the baking powder, the filling expands. This is good because a ball will grow to fill all the space inside the hamentash. This is bad, however, because it pushes the hamentash open - all the ones with chocolate have split and look misshapen. Still delicious, though!

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Jay3fer March 02, 2012

YUM YUM. We were trying Hamentashen for the first time, and since our family isn't keen on dried fruit fillings, I was looking forward to trying this. WONDERFUL. I think a filling like this is kind to first timers, since even with our inexperience, we didn't have any spilling over. I didn't have any semi or unsweetened chocolate, so used a butter/cocoa substitution, but didn't add to the sugar. I also used cold coffee that hadn't been finished off that morning instead of instant coffee. Skipped the nuts this time, but will definately try next time. The leftover filling was great as a cookie by itself. I may whip up a batch of this just for that!

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Anemone March 29, 2008

This tasted very strongly of coffee, not really chocolate... which is fine, I guess, if you like coffee. Maybe it was because I tried to put too much of the filling into each one, but mine did sort of "ooze" ... they tasted fine, though. I still think it's easier to use ovenproof fruit spreads! It was interesting, at least. Thanks for posting.

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brokenburner March 20, 2008

This filling was very bitter. It was very easy to prepare and baked well in the hamentashen, but next time I'll omit the coffee and add sugar.

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yodyrap March 16, 2008

Yes, yes, I know, we're just a few weeks away from Chanuka and nowhere near Purim, but I decided to try this filling out on some yeast pastry, and I'm glad I did. I used a simple sweet dough. I coarsely ground the pecans, and instead of walnuts I just doubled up on the pecans. I rolled these up and cut them into spirals. Delicious! I can't wait to try these come Purim time!

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Mirj November 12, 2007

Delicious! I actually used this to fill mini muffin cups that I lined with canned croissant dough. Yummy! I can't wait to try it inside Hamentaschen. The instant coffee really adds a great flavor to the chocolate. Oh, and it was really easy and fast to whip up. Thanks for sharing!

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Julie P. March 30, 2007
Chocolate Hamentashen Filling