Chocolate Gravy

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

My cousin, Terri, has made this for years. It's a nice, southern recipe. My husband is not fond of it as he thinks it tastes like warm chocolate pudding, but I love it! It's a big hit with kids!

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  1. Mix butter, cocoa and flour.
  2. Add the sugar and milk.
  3. Cook over medium heat until thick.
  4. Serve over biscuits.
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Yummy! I served this over hot homemade biscuits, my kids are really enjoying it! <br/>I added a pinch of cinnamon to the ingredients and a small pinch of salt to brighten up the chocolate. I will definately keep this recipe! I was thinking you could even add chopped walnuts or almonds on top when serving for some added nutrition.

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Fantastic! Made this for DH for breakfast this morning because his Daddy used to make Cocoa Gravy on Sundays. He said it was perfect! And a very easy recipe. Thanks AuntCoco for helping me give hubby a piece of his childhood! Made for PAC 2011.