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What a great way to kick up a box cake mix! The mixture in the middle makes this cake incredibly moist and flavorful. I was surprised I could even taste it, but the cinnamon gives it a great little something extra. I did change it a little because some of the people I was serving it to can't have nuts. So, I made two 9" round cakes (one with nuts and one without) instead of one 13"x9". There wasn't quite enough batter to do as much on top of the filling as directed, but I did get most of it covered. What showed through looked very nice. The two cakes baked up perfectly in exactly 25 minutes. I made this for PAC Spring 2007, which coincided with my grandmother's birthday, so this was her birthday cake. :)

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Soup Fly * May 19, 2007
Chocolate Graham Cracker Coffee Cake