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this is a good icing for a bundt type cake or brownies, but it is not at all like the hard shell you get on ice cream. This doesn't get that hard. To get the true hard shell chocolate, the type you can pick up with your fingers without it sticking to them is by using chocolate chips, butter and corn syrup.

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ekahil October 03, 2008

This was good frosting, but not like Magic Shell that hardens. For that, you need to use coconut oil or non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening (NOT Crisco). Coconut oil hardens when cool, at around 70 degrees F and below. So, it may not even work as a harder shell for cakes, as cakes are not as cold as say, ice cream.

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Marla Jones August 22, 2012

I doubled the recipe and put it on a bundt cake without tasting it first. Big mistake. Way too vanilla-ey. I don't know if it's because I used clear vanilla extract or doubled the recipe. I might try it again with regular vanilla extract and less of it. It came out with a soft icing consistancy also. I wanted more of a thinner glaze to pour over.

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HJMcChristian July 27, 2012

Made to cover 24 cupcakes that I had filled with cream. I had to double it to cover all the cupcakes. It hardened just fine, but did melt pretty quickly at room temp. I was looking for something that hardened & stayed hard, like the previous comment by Chef #553722 mentioned in their review. Over all a decent glaze though.

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Candace Michelle 2 December 27, 2010

I have made this so many times - sorry I forgot to rate it. Always works. always tastes great, and can be made in a flash. I use it on cakes, cookies, brownies, to dip strawberries or bananas when it is still soft - perfect for so many things,

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pheasant farmer June 09, 2010

Very good. I used it on Beet Brownies. It hasn't been long enough for it to harden but so the glaze tastes great and is exactly what I needed.

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GreenEyesCO September 16, 2008

Had some store-bought shortbread cookies that were pretty tasteless, so I decided to try the glaze on them. First I tried spreading the glaze on top, but with the ridges on the cookies, that wasn't very attractive. Next I tried dipping the whole top of the cookie in the glaze, but that got really messy since the cookies had holes in them. I finally decided to dunk one edge in and turn it like a bicycle wheel. That seemed to look the best and the glaze improved the cookies taste 100%. My only problem was I thought the glaze would harden more than it did - I left the cookies on the counter for 4 hours, but the glaze was still kind of soft. That may just be due to the humidity here (Alabama). Tasted great though! Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup Game.

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mailbelle July 30, 2008

My mom and I did not find this glaze to our particular tastes. Too much confectioners' sugar and not enough cocoa. We like a richer chocolate flavour. We ended up adding at least 3 more tablespoons of cocoa, a splash of almond extract, and had to heat it up to get it all to blend well. Thanks for a basic idea.

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Jenn Da Bean July 16, 2008

Nana Lee you are my hero! Chocolate lovers with various food allergies (or in my case, IBS) rejoice! I was able to use Smart Balance with Flaxseed Oil spread fot the margarine and it worked really well. This is so versatile and so tasty; perfect texture, taste, and consistency. Was so quick and easy and simple to make. I halved the recipe and tried it on vanilla soy ice cream. I also had this on saltines (soo yummy!). I haven't been excited about a recipe in a long time, but this one definitely made me happy! This is truly a keeper and I will be making this over and over again. Can't wait to try it on cookies, cake, brownies, graham crackers, etc. Going into my Tried and Loved cookbook. Thanks for sharing Nana Lee, glad you suggested it. It goes perfectly on saltines. :D ETA: Tried this on Chocolate Cupcakes, and this glaze was AWESOME on these cupcakes!

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blancpage June 24, 2008

I used this glaze on Peanut Butter Balls, but I think it would be better suited for donuts, brownies or chocolate cupcakes. I think it would be great on those, actually. I used 3/4 of the amount of sugar (and it was still very sweet). Make sure to use a whisk in step 2, mine didn't come together until I did. It dried in about half an hour, but I did find that it only really hardened up once I put it in the frig. This is exactly like the glaze they use on raised donuts!

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Maito June 15, 2008
Chocolate Glaze (That Hardens when Cool)