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Made this, and after reading the other review, I used 1/2C water, and still, all the sugar didnt dissolve, and the end result was chocolate taffy, not really fudge. But it did take care of my chocolate cravings. :D Also, it didnt say how long to boil the mixture, so the second time, I got out the thermometer and went until softball stage. Thanks for sharing!

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Silvano September 06, 2009

Ok, the brown sugar stubbornly refused to melt! I used 1/4 cup water in the beginning, which seemed more than enough, and followed all the instructions. After chilling, I was left with fudge that really tasted fantastic, but was, nevertheless, too 'crunchy' because of all the undissolved sugar. So I remelted the whole thing in a double-boiler a second time, adding 1 tablespoon of water, in the hope that the sugar would melt. It didn't, so I left it as it was. The combination of ingredients is just right, and it tastes great, except for the crunchy sugar. Next time I'll try powdering the brown sugar as well.

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Anu April 05, 2002
Chocolate Fudge...sort of