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Superb!!! With temps varying from night-time lows of 4 degrees F to daytime highs of 22F, and lots of snow this past week, I knew I needed a chocolate fix that would last a few days as well as heat up the kitch. During these likely times in winter, provided we have electricity, I keep a box of store bought cake mix in the pantry. I cooked it last night, then began searching for "chocolate syrups, frostings, and gravys" that would make this a bit home-made. This recipe did the trick. Even with the "cold" temps I keep the main part of my house at during cold weather, this was way outta this world. It didn't solidify in the least. As a matter of fact, it kept the whole 9X13 "poke cake" fudgy and tasting of homemade even through a very cold "kitchen" night. I'm still eating on it, and it should last at least through tomorrow night's winter icey forcast. This was simple. I always have these ingredients at hand, and it turned a sheet cake into an unbelievably tasty delight. With the "poke cake" method, it becomes almost "fudgy" on the inside, but keeps most of the "cake" texture otherwise. This is a keeper, and will be used time and time again. I must say that for a moment I was concerned that the "dry" cocoa would not incorporate into the milk/sugar/etc., mixture, but right at the boiling point, all came together. In the end, it "seeped" into my cake beautifully, and it's scumpticious! Thanks, TJ!

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DEEP January 22, 2008

This is a far better sauce than what you could ever buy. I had made a chocolate fudge cake and being a hot day, it did not need frosting as it would have melted....however it did need something. I found that this is an excellent choice to use as a drizzle on a cake. My 2 stepsons loved it. After one had it on ice cream and I had drizzled some on the cake the one stepson of 23 years ate what was left in the pan. He is such a kid at heart....just like his father.

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Gwen Sargeant June 24, 2005

This sauce is really yum! I did have to use 1 cup of evaporated milk because the mixture was starting to burn at the sides without a little more milk in the pan. Also, I substituted the butter with margarine. I loved the idea of adding lemon juice to this sauce. It did impart give the sauce a mighty good kick!;-) Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani October 01, 2003
Chocolate Fudge Sauce