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Wonderful and yummy! I used 3/4 cup of chopped walnuts (= to 100gms) and 1/3 cup of butter(= to 50gms). We went for a dinner party tonight and I made this for our friends. Everyone loved it, infact, they've asked for the recipe too:) Thanks Anu, I loved it too.

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 06, 2002

found this recipe while browsing 5 ingredients or less. Since my daughter brought home a 4# bag of chopped peanuts and I had all the ingredients this was a good opportunity to whittle that bag of peanuts down. This recipe is very simple and has the old fashioned taste of hershey's cocoa fudge with less hassle. I didn't have a thick bottom saucepan so I was extremely cautious about the heat on my electric stove. Consequently it took me longer than 15 minutes for the fudge to pull away from the pan. More like 15 minutes from the simmering point. But no matter this fudge is very good, easy and a recipe that will give consistent results.

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bshemyshua April 23, 2008

Quick and easy to make - I used cashew nuts, my favourite. It set perfectly. Even gets the thumbs up from my husband - I'll have to hide it!I will definately be making this one again.

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Ness73 June 04, 2006

I've tried this three times because the flavour is excellent and it's really easy but each time it's come out like a very sticky and squidgy chocolate fudge like Denise's. My daughters love it but I just can't get it into neat, dry squares :( I've left it for ages and it's left the sides of the pan - any longer and it will burn.

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HappyBunny November 23, 2005

Hi! Anu,Made these on Saturday to and they turned out really good!!! I timed the cooking and found it took exactly 15 minutes for the mix to leave the sides of the non-stick vessel I used.(I live in Mumbai too so maybe that is the reason :) ) I used only walnuts in the fudge and topped them in the dish as well. So used over 1 cup of walnuts. The fudge is perfect just like the one we get from Lonavala. Thanks for posting this wondrous recipe. :) Fay

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Girl from India April 12, 2004

This is in response to Denise's review: I think the problem she might have had is that she probably didn't cook the fudge long enough. I've never used a candy thermometer, and neither has my mom, so I can't tell you what temperature it must reach, but it's important that you stir continuously and that the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan... you WILL be able to tell by looking. Here in hot, humid India, it might be 15 minutes, but it could take longer in cooler places. Hope this helps! :-)

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Anu December 29, 2002

It is possible that I missed something somewhere, but I'm usually pretty strict on myself with new recipes. While this was relatively easy to make, and in tasted delicious, the end product was more like a thick chocolate fudge for ice cream, than solid fudge. Might try this again another time.

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Denise Nachtigal December 26, 2002
Chocolate Fudge from Lonavala