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Read Mirjam's review and had to try these. Super fudgy and amazingly EASY. Loved the tip to just pour into a parchment lined dish, it made cutting so much easier. Crikey, why does anyone make brownies out of a box, when it is this simple? Served them as dessert with ice cream and a little cocoa dusted on top for a dinner party Saturday and then as the dessert snack at the Superbowl party on Sunday.

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Gay Gilmore January 27, 2003

These brownies just caused an international incident in my house. Okay...maybe not an international incident, but definitely a nuclear meltdown. I made them for the Pick-a-Chef (Newbie) cookathon this weekend, and it's now about 2 hours until dinnertime. Dornette #4 was a little peckish, and I gave her a brownie. She took a second one on her own when we weren't looking. As she was cutting herself a third piece, the BH caught her. Poor Dornette #4, her father won't let her have another piece until after dinner, and she's literally shrieking the house down. Don't believe me? I just called Caryn to tell her how wonderful these brownies are, and she can barely hear me thanks to the caterwauling going on in my house. Oh yeah, about the brownies...they are sinful! They come out all yummy and fudgy, not cakey at all. Instead of using a greased pan, I just put a sheet of parchment paper into my 8x8, no greasing, no cleanup, just lift the whole square out of the pan, and cut into serving pieces. Caryn told me to put them in the freezer and then they are even fudgier. That's where they are now, hiding from Dornette #4, at least until dessert. Oops, gotta go, I think the neighbors have called the police to complain that we are beating our children...

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Mirj January 24, 2003

A *very* fudgy chocolate brownie. I like my brownies fudgy, rather than cakey and these were sensational. It is also a perfect base for fancier variations (I made a second batch pouring half a cup of warmed peanut butter on top of the brownie mix and swirling though a bit which was fantastic). They keep well for the 3 or 4 days they lasted and are also delicious warmed for a few seconds in the microwave. I will be keeping this recipe and reusing it. I have two notes about the recipe/ingrediants; 1 - I had no idea what 4 - 50 g of chocolate meant, I used a 250g block of dark chocolate figuring that 250grams is about 4 and 1/2 oz and it turned out great. 2. I have always been told it is a cardinal sin of baking to add water to melted chocolate, so I added the 2tbs of water after I added the flour. This recipe definately deserved all 5 stars, thanks Caryn. (and thanks Mirj for your tip about using parchment paper)

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EeeGee June 13, 2003

Delicious! Next time I will add some nuts and triple the recipe so I don't get yelled at. Thanks Caryn!

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Miraklegirl May 09, 2003

DH who is not at all keen on chocolate really liked this. He said very moist and I had to take the tub off him before he ate it all :)

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Kiwipom March 19, 2007

Very cakey; I like them fudgier. Very easy recipe. I had the batter in the oven in 5 minutes (because I melted the chocolate and margarine in the microwave.)

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windhorse23 August 27, 2005

Mmmmmmm! These were SOOOO good! Wish they would've lasted longer! I too had no idea what 4-50 g of chocolate meant, so I used 250 grams of milk chocolate chips (it's what I had on hand). They turned out perfectly! DH loved them, I loved them. Everyone was happy. Not too sweet so they didn't hurt your teeth, but SO fudgy! Yummy. On the one piece that was left the next morning I warmed up peanut butter in the microwave and drizzled it overtop -- Yummy Yummy!!! A keeper for sure!

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Cristin September 15, 2004
Chocolate Fudge Brownies