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Absolutely incredible!!! Mean Chef suggested this recipe when I was looking for something to fill little pre-made chocolate cups for a dessert tray. I made this according to the directions, with the exception of the espresso power for which I had to substitute instant coffee. The texture is beautiful. It spreads very well and, for my use, held its shape well when piped into cups with a pastry bag. The chocolate remained super-shiney as well. I sprinkled a few gold flakes on top and they were beautiful. This is the only chocolate frosting/filling I will ever make. Thanks!

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Just Call Me Martha September 22, 2003

The most important step in this recipe is #13: Can be frozen. This makes a huge amount of frosting, more than was necessary for my daughter's birthday cake. I didn't have an espresso powder so I used some Taster's Choice instant coffee, vanilla-flavored. I froze the amount that was left-over (almost one-third). It defrosted beautifully this past weekend and I used it to frost a smaller cake. Thanks for my new keeper.

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Mirj August 18, 2003

This is the best chocolate frosting I've ever used. At first I thought, nah, I don't want to use all those ingredients, and then thought about taking this short cut or that short cut. However, I was a good little bunny and did what I was told. Oh, wow. Beautiful texture and it freezes and thaws excellently. Brilliant one, MC.

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Jangomango July 21, 2003

This is a really tasty frosting! It was my first attempt ever to make a frosting from scratch, along with the cake (#20112), and I wasn't disappointed. I was not aware that so much better is used in homemade frostings but once I got over that shock the rest was easy. I couldn't find espresso powder in the local stores so skipped it and upped the vanilla a teaspoon instead. The frosting complimented the chocolate cake beautifully which had its own coffee already in it so the espresso wasn't missed at all. Per many of the comments, watch out for the interesting transformation that takes place when you pour in the melted butter and chocolate. Reminded me of my high school chemistry class, of all things. And don't mind the dull, hard appearance it has when you take it out of the fridge. Just let it sit for an hour and it'll soften and shine right up good as new. It even seemed to taste better the older it got, though if yours is like mine was, it probably won't last more than a day or two -- it's that good!

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kmpres November 22, 2011

This is gorgeous, light, glossing frosting. I like that it makes enough to freeze for another use, and it has a deep chocolate flavor, less sweet than others, that I really enjoyed. It was so easy to work with, too. I may add additional sugar to the recipe next time for more of a "mouth feel", but that's my personal preference. Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe that will enhance many a cake to come!

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Great!full August 23, 2010

This is an incredibly delicious frosting. I do think it should be called "Mocha Frosting" instead...because that's exactly what it tastes like. Every time I use this in a cake, people rave about it! I usually use it as a filling between two chocolate layers, then use a different frosting (usually a buttercream) for the top, only because the flavor of this frosting is very strong and I feel it's better as a filling.

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amydaigs May 16, 2010

This frosting is delicious beyond description. I was looking for a frosting similar to the frosting used at a local bake shop that has a creamy texture and shiny appearance along with chocolaty goodness. This excelled on all counts. First time making it, I was concerned at the look of the batter before adding the chocolate/butter mixture. Thought it was going in the trash since it looked more like curdled liver sausage than frosting. However, it magically transformed after adding the rest of the mixture. Oh..I used a classic Sunbeam stand mixer rather than a food processor and it came out just fine. Thanks!

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OZZIE in Bolingbrook January 01, 2010

This is the best chocolate frosting I have ever had in my life. I don't even buy chocolate cake in stores any more because it can't compare. My friends request cakes with this frosting for their birthdays, and at a party in December, I passed through my kitchen and guests had found spoons and were eating the extra out of the mixing bowl. It is THAT good. Until I got a food processor, I made it with a stand mixer--worked fine. I would not skip the espresso powder if I were you. It doesn't taste coffee-like at all (which I would notice and dislike immediately) but gives it a great depth. Chocolate frosting can't get better than this.

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angela.eaton August 29, 2009

We used this to top Sue B's Chocolate Cake We used Chocolate Buttercream Frosting to do the layers in the cake. I do like the fluffy whippy texture of buttercream, but I think it's a texture preference why I prefer this frosting to top a cake. This is smooth like silk. Not like mousse, more like pudding. It was a pain to make in my too small food processor, but once I poured my (slightly warmer than room temp melted choc/butter) in, it all came together well. I just chopped my chocolate and butter up and put them in a glass jar inside the pot of water that simmered till the contents of the jar melted. I forgot about the contents of the jar for oh, bout 10 minutes or so after it melted. I let it cool almost to room temp but it was still fine. It was not too runny and it kept my decorative combing well even by the next day without refridgeration. I could really taste the coffee flavor but I like that. My husband who doesn't like coffee flavored desserts at all liked it a lot too. My children went nuts over it. Nuff said. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. It is great to know I have such a wonderful recipe to go to when I have the time to make chocolate frosting from scratch. It really does put the canned stuff to shame.

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Caryn Dalton February 03, 2008

This frosting tastes like the chocolate shell of a chocolate covered vanilla popscicle. I liked how it was smooth and pure chocolate. I don't think it needs more powdered sugar, it's not runny at all as long as you beat it well after adding the heavy cream to give it body. I loved that it wasn't pasty like buttercream, my favorite so far.

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Kitty Kat Cook December 27, 2007
Chocolate Frosting