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This is a must for every holiday meal. Don't let the store bought pie make you think you've tried this. We use regular sugar which is probably harder to incorporate. I once had someone steal this whole pie from a pot luck at work.

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Gramara November 24, 2010

This came out nicely. I used regular sugar, whipped it with the butter for quite awhile, and it smoothed out after all the eggs were added. The only reason I am giving 4 instead of five is the amount of raw egg involved. If I had told those who ate it how it was made, I think a number of them would not have eaten it. As it was, I really wanted Baker's Square french silk, so I made it. It's actually not *exactly* right, as I remember the original. This has less of the velvety texture and more the consistency of, well, egg white. I didn't tell anyone about the raw eggs and they all loved it. I don't want to be a food safety priss, but I probably won't make this again any time soon. Also, it could be a little more chocolatey, or as we in the scientific community like to say, "chocolateier".

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P.Q. Butterfat December 12, 2013

I attempted to make this pie for Easter dinner desert. Unfortunately, it did not set nd was very running to the point of soup-like. I followed the recipe to the T but I questioned the receipe in that the "pudding" called for eggs but doesn't require cooking. Is part of the recipe missing?

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clfarley April 01, 2013

This turned out awesome! I think the key was sticking to the beating times. One of our family traditions used to be Baker's Square French Silk pie at every holiday alla Aunt Jo and Uncle Ed. Since Baker's Square left our neighborhood we have missed it. I made this recipte for Christmas this year and it was great to bring back the tradition. Aunt Jo is always with us in spirit but this year she was smiling down on our desert table. :)

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sassykatchick December 30, 2012

Was not as fluffy as I remember it being and the recipe made way too much for one store bought pie crust. I'm going to try and find a deep dish pie crust for the next time. It also totally melted and was only out on the counter for maybe 20 minutes. I'm also concerned about the raw egg. Going to browse for another recipe to see if it is the same or similar.

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CatieBelle02 November 29, 2012

I made this for our family Christmas dinner last year. I blended the sugar so that it would be superfine chopped. (Cheaper than buying the one that is already blended too!) I also made my own whipped cream - which I think tastes better than the stuff you get in a tub. I also used the pre-made chocolate pie crust instead of baking a fresh or store bought crust.

Anyway, it took a lot of time to blend it all - but with the kitchen stand mixer it was a breeze to do. After finishing and the building anticipation of waiting for the pie to finish chilling - I was thrilled that it set properly and was not runny at all. I also took the time to put whipped cream dollops on top to further mimic Baker's Square. My family thought I had bought it and we all loved the flavor. All the sugar did dissolve - something I was fearing would not happen while I made it.

Anyway, this pie was awesome. Yes, it takes a little bit of time, but it tastes homemade. Plus, a little bit of effort for something that tastes this incredible is worth it!

I plan to make this for Thanksgiving this year and am already starting to salivate at the thought of that first creamy-chocolatey-whipped creamy bite!

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Tiger60! November 20, 2012

To die for! Just like the Baker's Square Original. I used regular granulated sugar and mixed it for a good 15 minutes. Even then, I really thought it was going to turn out grainy but once the vanilla and eggs were added in, it was smooth as silk. I used my own pie crust rather than store bought - no problem there. Store bought whipped cream and some chocolate swirls and this baby was a-goner! Literally. Absolutely amazing. And to think that you could do this without an oven!

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fivefatcats March 10, 2012

Excellent! My hubby made this pie tonight. It is pure chocolate decadence. The filling truly is silky, and it packs a rich chocolate flavor. Instead of a traditional blind baked pie crust, he used a chocolate cookie crust. One slice at a time is definitely enough--no seconds for me tonight, but I'm already dreaming of my next slice! I have a feeling it would be even more sinful with a nice glass of chianti. Yum! Thanks for sharing!

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MarthaStewartWanabe August 24, 2011

Please make sure you specify to use pasteurized eggs since you are not cooking the filling.

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timber35_99 October 08, 2015

This is an amazing recipe and the closest thing to Baker Square's given that most Bake Squares have shut down. The absolute worst thing you can do to this recipe is ruin it by putting Cool Whip on it instead of real whipping cream!

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Karen K. July 09, 2015
Chocolate French Silk Pie (Copycat Bakers Square's French Silk)