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Fantastic! This was not as dense as I'd expected, but it was very, very creamy and tasted wonderfully chocolatey! Rich - but went down, oh, so easily. This will be a great (and super-easy to make!) dessert to have over the holidays. I used a cup of sugar (right, I cut a whole tblsp out of the recipe, who am I kidding?LOL) and I did add a tsp of vanilla to the 'batter' (really a custard). The batter was very thin, and I had problems once I poured it into my springform pan cause it started to leak slightly (old pan), so if you suspect this may happen to you, be sure to seal well with aluminum foil on the outside. My springform was 10 inches but the batter filled it really right up to the lip of the pan, so I'm not sure about the 9 inch. Do try this recipe!

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evelyn/athens November 22, 2003

This torte was fantastic! I made it for Valentine's Day for my bf. It's rich a creamy and I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks for sharing it!

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DoremiAZ February 15, 2008

This turned out great! I made it in mini springforms (one of my boys decided to wear the regular springform ring like a belt and warped it) and they turned out perfect. They took almost an hour to cook as well. When I pulled this out of the fridge the next day I thought that it wasn't going to be very good, because they seemed so hard like day old brownies. Once they came to room temp I was delighted to see they werent hard at all. Thanks for a keeper!

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georgi January 05, 2006

A super torte that got rave reviews from everyone around the table. The coffee flavour definitely shines through so it's heaven for espresso-heads like me but if you're not a coffee lover then it might be a bit strong. I took this to someone else's house for dinner and as soon as they took one bite they told me there was no way I was taking any of it home. They wanted it all! The cake baked perfectly for me, no issues with the size of the pan or baking time at all.

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Sackville December 25, 2005

Wonderful! Wonderful! I made this torte for my Passover seder this year and it was a huge success. I will definetely make it again next year. I used a 9" springform pan and had no problem with the amount of batter fitting in. I did wrap the outside of the pan with foil and put the pan on a baking sheet in case it leaked. I'm glad I did this because a little batter did leak. This was very easy to make.

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aviva April 26, 2005

Chocolate lovers: this torte is your dream come true! It's sooo moist and rich, truly decadent. Eveyone who tried it when I made it fell absolutely in love with it. Miraklegirl is right, when it comes out of the over, it doesn't look done. But, after being in the fridge overnight, it looks perfect.

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Kozmic Blues July 29, 2003
Chocolate Espresso Torte