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I would not recommend this recipe to anyone. The crust was horrible, I made it with the pecans, and the filling with the glaze was tasteless, barely any chocolate or espresso flavor.

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madeeg December 15, 2007

The way this recipe is currently written, it's not clear if it's a total of 11oz of chocolate (3oz over the crust, 5oz in the filling & 3oz in the glaze) or 14oz total (3oz over the crust, 8oz in the filling & 3oz in the glaze). I skipped the chocolate drizzle, and decided to use 8oz in the filling/3oz in the glaze. Also, I doubt the 300F temp was sufficient to bake the crust, it’s consistency was kind of chewy. At first, my husband didn’t care for this cake, but upgraded his rating when he had a second piece. I also brought some to work, and my coworkers raved about it. So I will now give this five stars (even though I didn’t care for the crust) because other people just loved it! The texture of the filling was described as “sublime”, and “I would be thrilled to be served this in a restaurant”.

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TigerJo~ April 19, 2005
Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake