Chocolate Eclair Cake

Total Time
10 mins
1 min

this is a awesome recipe for the holiday's and very easy. anyone will love this. it is from my grandmother.

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  1. combine pudding and milk.
  2. fold cool whip into pudding/milk mixture.
  3. cover bottom of 9x13 pan with graham crackers.
  4. pour 1/2 of the mixture onto crackers.
  5. add another layer of crackers on top.
  6. pour rest of mixture onto top layer of crackers. you can add a third layer of crackers if you wish, i prefer not to.
  7. Topping:.
  8. bring sugar, milk, and cocoa to good boil, cook 1 minute. add butter and vanilla.stir until a little cooled, pour over crackers. (i added some graham cracker crumbs on top while the chocolate was still hot) refrigerate until Chocolate has hardened a bit, or over night. serve chilled. keep leftovers refrigerated.