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Messy but lots of fun ! Thanks Dorothy ! I used to make these all the time years ago, and had misplaced my recipe. Glad to have found it through this site. This year, my 5 year old and I made only 16 eggs (same amount of ingredients , but bigger eggs) and are wrapping them up in tissue paper to give as gifts to our family. Suggestion. Split off 1/4 portion of the dough and color it yellow. Leave the bigger portion white. Then divide up equal number of balls of both colors. Flatten a white ball, insert a yellow ball, then shape your white around it & form your egg shape. When the finished egg is bitten into, there will be a yellow center inside the white !! Secondly......I use Royal Icing & cake decorating kit to add flowers, designs, and the person's initial...adds a nice personal touch to the gift. Happy Easter ! Jubbies_Mom xo

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HelMo March 30, 2002

These were a huge hit this year. Thank you so much... I did make different variations of this recipe. Peanut butter inside, mint, hazelnut chunk with carmel. All were a huge hit. Ty for posting. This wasnt as messy as I thought it would be, and they were great fun, sure some of our eggs were lopsided at first... we came out with just about 58 eggs. Next time am going to try different fruits inside and shape then as the fruit inside. Also might try a yogurt coating as well.. The ideas for this recipe are endless. TY DERF!

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WyomingMoonDust March 22, 2008

These were so fun to make - my 3 kids age 1 - 9 did all the work! We found them best if left to sit in the fridge overnight.

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dkenny73 April 10, 2007

Oh my gosh, these were fun to make! I had a snow-day (home from work) needed something to do...Chocolate Easter Eggs are ready for our company this week end!! I cut the recipe in half...and made 16 fairly large eggs! I think next time I'll try them with the almond extract...and different colors for the filling :) Thank you Derf!!

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katie in the UP April 06, 2007

Warning: do not double this recipe if you've never tried them before! Whatever am I going to do with over 60 eggs!! : ) These are yummy, but somewhat addictive. They are pure sugar- definitely a good idea to make them and GET RID OF THEM! I tried making the two colors like Jubbies suggested, and would recommend that, but my "yolks" got a bit mushed once I shaped the whites into an egg shape. I also had trouble getting chocolate to hold onto the bottom of the eggs, but I'm no candy expert. I also found that you have to tap the fork against the pan to get the chocolate to coat evenly and drop off. I added a bit of shortning to the chocolate to make it runnier. The eggs have the texture of a homemade butter mint and a similar flavor, though without the mint. I wouldn't recommend making them much larger than a small chicken egg, since they are soooo sweet. Thanks for a fun recipe Derf!

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Frau Frau April 25, 2003

THE BEST!!!!I liked the idea of the condensed milk and it really made these authentic tasting and creamy, I made a bunch of these to take to a retirement home for Easter, thanks so much for posting this great Easter egg recipe Derf!

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 10, 2009

Wow, these are super sweet. My family thought i bought them. Great Easter treat, but be sure to make small eggs

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Chefster** April 23, 2008

We made these Easter Eggs as gifts for people this year and we had lots of fun. Yes it is really messy but it was nice to give a gift that was made by Little Miss (DD) and I. I used Nestles Condensed Milk because Eagle Brand is not available in Australia and I used White Chocolate to make swirls on top of the eggs. Little Miss sprinkled green sprinkles on top to add her touch. Overall it took heaps of time but it was a lot of fun. Thank you Derf

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Chef floWer March 25, 2008

very nice.I made these and then found I had to have them done in a hurry so they didn't get to set for long before I dipped them in choc.Still came out good though.I made mine as bourbon ball size and ended up with 92!!Thanks!

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katej76 March 24, 2008
Chocolate Easter Eggs