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First of all, it was so much fun to make my own spritz cookies! I made some normal ones and some fish shaped, for our Ichthus bible study group. (Check wikipedia for the fish-ichthus-bible study link.) The first time I made these, I felt they lacked something. I decided it was probably almond flavor and added almond extract for the second batch. This improved them to five star. I don't know how long these will keep officially, but I'm just now eating one that I baked *one month* ago and kept in a biscuit tin (sealed with a paper towel between tin and lid) and it tastes fine...

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Mizzle May 27, 2007

These are very pretty cookies. I'd made them once and it was for a contest amongst my friends. I kept a little chocolate magnet next to these cookies that read, "If I can't have chocolate in heaven, I'm not going there"! I won and even got published in a magazine. Thanks for bringing back happy memories. These are GREAT cookies!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 06, 2004
Chocolate-Dipped Spritz Cookies