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Took these to a cookie exchange and they were a hit. I used Scharfen-Berger semi-sweet chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Shaped the cookies into little sort-of squares instead of pressing down with a fork, and so they were half dipped in chocolate. Also I dipped them in chopped pistachios after the chocolate so they looked great with the green nuts on the chocolate and tasted even better with a little saltiness from the nuts to go along with the chocolate. Loved them. Will make them again and again.

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Gay Gilmore December 26, 2001

A very well written out recipe. With easily available ingredients and the world's favourite "C" item in them, these just were PERFECT! I did not flatten these out because when I tried doing that, they would simply break. So, I shaped them into shells, rounds, squares, ovals, and many more shapes(some twists n turns here n there n what figures emerged!). I licked my fingers clean after dipping them in chocolate!! These are addictive!!! I will make them for my hubby for sure if we had to ever fight and I would be in the wrong:)!!! Thanks so so much for sharing this recipe. U made my day and many more to come!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 02, 2002

Heaven in your mouth! Brought these to a Christmas Dinner... Nothing but compliments. I rolled them in chopped pecans after dipping in chocolate...

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Elena Bedner December 28, 2001

Made these one day when I bought myself a choc. dipped shortbread at Barnes and Noble and forgot it at the bookstore. I came home, checked out Recipezaar and found this recipe! Wonderful and so easy to make! My entire family loved them - they didn't last long! Thanks for the great recipe!

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Musical Joy February 16, 2002

Tried these last Christmas season for my cookie platters. They ended up being my husband's favorite out of a dozen different types of cookies! He calls them "Milano" cookies and asks me to make them often. I dipped in semisweet chocolate & sprinkled with red/green nonpariels. The cookie just melts in your mouth, and chocolate adds a nice something extra. Highly recommend!!!

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girl920 April 07, 2010

These cookies are EXCELLENT! I received tons of rave reviews and multiple requests for the recipe (or just a request for more cookies from my Dad!) when I took these to a meeting. The shortbread is flavorful with a delicate interior and crisp exterior. The chocolate compliments them well. I made 3 different shapes; rounds, crescents and fingers, and decorated the chocolate of each shape differently. The rounds I garnished with some drizzled white chocolate, the fingers I used colored sprinkles on and the crescents I accented with chopped pecans. They made an impressive & lovely cookie tray. A few tips on dipping them...I had to add about 1/2 Tbls. of shortening to my chocolate chips to get the consistency more "dip-able". After I dipped them I would run the bottom of the cookies over the lip of the cup as I removed them to help take care of any excess underneath. I then made the mistake of laying them back on the cookie sheet. Once they hardened I had to use a thin icing knife to get them off the cookie sheet without breaking them. Therefore, I would recommend putting them on waxed paper so they can be peeled off more easily once the chocolate has set. I will be making this 10-star recipe again!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) November 18, 2005

When using consistently good recipes I have only failed maybe three times in my cooking career. This will be my fourth failure.

The first batch I put into the oven felt doughy and good, but immediately melted into a liquidy/buttery mess upon entering the oven. Completely unsalvageable. I though I must have made a mistake so I mixed a second batch. The first sheet came out great, the second liquidy again. My feeling is that the more dry "cookies" did fine, while anything sufficiently dough-y and buttery didn't stand a chance.

I'm really frustrated as I planned to take these to a cookie exchange tomorrow, but I hope everyone hears my warning and goes for the driest dough you've got! Gah!

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julianashulman December 18, 2012

These are wonderful! These will make a nice addition on my cookie trays for Christmas!

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anniek36 December 10, 2012

I sprinkled crushed pecans on the chocolate. It added a nice touch of salt.
Took these to an exchange and they were a hit. Will make every year!

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KWardo December 08, 2012

This is my favorite shortbread cookie recipe so far! Ive tried sooo many, this one is the best! It was easy - no chilling the dough or complicated steps, it was super fast to come together, and they came out slightly crispy on the outside and soft and buttery on the inside - Perfect! I dipped mine in the chocolate as well as a lemon glaze that hardened up - these melt in your mouth. I also didn't use a fork to mash mine down . I rolled the dough into a little ball then just kinda flattened it into an oval on the cookie sheet. I liked the way these came out - smooth and perfect for dipping. And dont wait until they turn golden to take them out of the oven unless you like them to get crispyer, I took mine out right before they developed any color at all. They stayed softer this way.

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rdavenport December 14, 2011
Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies