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WOW! 10 STARS! So easy, and oh so yummy! I actually cut the ends off of the banana and put them in the freezer (peel on) for about 30 minutes prior to inserting the sticks, then peeled and dipped...returning to the freezer after. I also melted the chocolate mixture in the microwave and it came out fine. I had plenty of time to do my dipping before the chocolate became to hard to work with. I rolled a few in peanuts, a few in coconut, and left a few plain. These were so easy to make that I will be making them weekly, I'm sure! I lined a cookie sheet with parchment paper and let the bananas set up in the freezer this way, before moving them to a covered oblong plastic container. Easy making, easy clean up:) Thank you for posting as I have always wondered how to make one of my favorite treats!

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Noni Suzanne July 28, 2010
Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas