Chocolate De Menthe Cake

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Total Time
15 mins
20 mins
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  • 517.37 g package white cake mix
  • 3 egg whites (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 78.07 ml oil (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 295.73 ml water (or as called for by your cake mix)
  • 73.94 ml creme de menthe
  • 453.59 g can chocolate syrup
  • 226.79 g container Cool Whip Free, thawed


  1. Prepare cake mix according to package directions except substitute 3 tablespoons Crème de Menthe for 3 tablespoons water.
  2. Pour cake batter into 13x9 inch pan and bake according to package directions.
  3. Cover a cookie sheet with foil and spray non-stick cooking spray lightly, set aside.
  4. Remove cake pan from oven and while HOT, poke holes in cake with fork.
  5. Turn cake out onto prepared cookie sheet.
  6. Poke holes in cake with fork.
  7. Slowly pour chocolate syrup over the top of cake.
  8. Refrigerate.
  9. Mix whipped topping with 2 tablespoons of crème de menthe and spread on a cooled cake.