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Yumm! Quick, easy and delicious. Used a little bit of brown sugar instead of all white sugar. Not too sweet, hard to stop at one piece.

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Sueie April 21, 2003

I made it up in muffin pans for my Lady and she quite liked them done that way. She tells me that they are firm on the outside and moist and chewy inside (I don't like dates, you see). However, as cup-cakes, they sink (dramatically) in the centre which is fine for family, but may not be what you want. I cooked the dates on the stove top until nice and mushy; I don't know why it never occurred to me before, but I used a blending wand to cream the butter and sugar - it worked like a charm; I misread "hot" as "half" and I mixed half the dates in with the blending wand, which made a nice smooth texture. I then stirred in the other half. Did it make a difference to the final product? I have no idea; Normal methods of testing for doneness didn't work - using a toothpick just deflated them (which happens anyway) and they weren't firm when they were done. I just guessed and seem to have got it right. They also freeze well.

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Lady Sappho May 06, 2002

These are absolutely fantastic!!!! The flavour is almost like bonfire toffee. It is absolutely delicious and moist. I only got one out of the last batch cos the family ate them all in record time!! Just about to go and make some more. Thanks tomboy for a great recipe.

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debadee July 07, 2006
Chocolate Date Bars