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Thanks to Chef Dee's Cook-A-Thon I chose to try this recipe out. I chose to take this to our state fair we belong to . Our group in the barn loved this recipe. I would not change a thing. Great recipe to try.

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BLUE ROSE August 05, 2008

personally i'd probably give these a 4* rating, but DH and the kids absolutely raved over these, and wanted to give them "a bazillion stars!" they did keep talking about ways to make them better - mainly bigger pieces and layering them on top of each other to get more in a serving LOL. i used a brownie mix recipe found here on zaar but followed the directions as written otherwise, ended up having to cook the brownies almost an extra 20 minutes to get them cooked through (guessed at the temp as there's none listed here) and i think the brownie layer ended up being a little too delicate for the topping. next time i'll follow the directions for the mix and then add the topping here. definitely a rich and tasty desert, i had to fight DH off of the bowl as i was scooping the topping out of it LOL. one thing, this is easy enough to make, but takes lots of time for cooling the brownies and then the topping layer. make sure you plan ahead!

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MuddyMommaPottery August 04, 2008

Made for Chef Dee Cook-a-thon Made these brownies for my chocolate loving husband and he gave them a big 5 plus rating. He got a nice brownie with a crunchy top. Two treats in one. Thanks Chef Dee. Bullwinkle

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bullwinkle August 03, 2008

These were yummy! I did have to modify slightly. I cut it in half because I bought the wrong size brownie mix. The flavor is delicious! They did take a lot longer to make than an hour though, because of cooling the brownies. I used the time listed to plan my dessert, and ended up with some timing issues. I will make these again....they are so rich! Just a small bite will do. Thanks for such a delicious treat and God bless!

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Amanda Beth August 01, 2008

I love brownies, I love chocolate chips, I love rice crispies, and I love peanut butter....but for some reason I wasn't mega-crazy about the combination in this recipe. The taste was very good, don't get me wrong...but I'm not sure I'd make again. I'm glad I tried it, however...and I our guests said they enjoyed them as well. It's still worth 4 stars, as all of the flavors were wonderful

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Mole January 14, 2007

Woo-hoo!! I cannot believe I am the first to review this recipe!! I'm been dreaming about this since I first saw the photo posted on the message board, then I had to wait for the recipe to be posted, then I had to wait for an excuse to make them so I didn't eat them all myself!! So, I finally got to make these for a hockey potluck dinner on Sunday. I used two 425g pkg of Dr. Oetker brownie mix & Nesquik syrup. The brownies turn out insanely moist & fudgey!! And, the crunchy cereal topping is awesome, too. Combined, these flavour sensations turn into a perfect treat!! Because they are so rich, I cut into 48 squares & that was still big enough to fill that sweet tooth!

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Debbb October 17, 2006
Chocolate Crunch Brownies