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I've been making these cookies for a few years. People love them, so I thought it was long overdue to post a review. The cookies are the perfect combination of deep chocolate flavor, dense chewiness and slightly crunchy shell. I make them with Hershey's special dark cocoa. No chips needed! And always, always, buy a fresh can of baking powder. Don't ask me how I know--chocolate hockey pucks... 'Nuf said. You can also experiment with the temperature of the dough. Straight out of the freezer the cookies bake up small. I think they're better warmed up just a bit, say to refrigerator temp. At room temp the dough will spread more like a regular cookie, if that's what you want. And like one of the other reviewers said, a heavy coat of powdered sugar gives the crackle nice definition. Enjoy!!

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lwhughes December 05, 2014

these are YUMMY and the kids loved rolling them in the sugar. next time i will use parchment paper for the pans because one pan did stick pretty bad but i'm sure that was just user error. thanks a bunch!

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mere1026 October 11, 2011

If I could give them more stars I would. This recipe was perfect, thank you so much! I was looking high and low for a good cocoa based chocolate crackle recipe. I followed the recipe exactly except that I baked mine on parchment paper lined instead of lightly greased sheets. I also used an abundant amount of powdered sugar to roll them in as I wanted to make sure I got that definition between white sugar and chocolate cracks. The contributor is correct, no chocolate chips needed with this recipe. The cookies come out rich and chocolaty on their own. These will make perfect gifts.

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norcris December 17, 2010
Chocolate Crackle Cookies