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Amazing! tasted great! I used only 8 cups of popcorn instead of 12 as in the recipe, and was worried that the caramel was going to be too much, but it was amazing, every corn was covered.......LOVE it. I used semi-sweet chocolate, added, dried cranberries, pecans, almonds and walnuts.....WOW...thank you for posting...can't wait for an occasion so I can gift this...better then store bought ones and surely cheaper ;)

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ntannus April 06, 2010

I'm about to try it again, but so far this recipe has not been successful. I boiled the butter/brown sugar/corn syrup mixture for the specified 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Everything was going ok until I added the baking soda. Instead of foaming up as I expected, the mixture immediately durned dark brown and the sugar burned. Smells like burnt marshmallow in my house now. I'm going to try it again, boling at a lower heat level and for less time. ADDED 9-20-09: Tried again, cooked it at a lower heat for about 2 minutes before putting it in the oven. Much better. However, I just was not crazy about it with chocolate on top. Something about it just did not jive with me. Hubby liked it, though, so I have it four stars. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Lydia's Mama September 20, 2009

This was a yummy treat! I love chocolate caramel covered popcorn, but haven't ever made it. I dipped some of the caramel covered popcorn and then the other I drizzled with the chocolate. This would be a great gift! Thanks, wyojess!

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SweetsLady February 27, 2008
Chocolate Covered Popcorn (Boy Scouts Copycat) Caramel Corn